Bootstrap complete example

Did somebody did a complete bootstrap example project on Web 2.0 ? I mean the whole steps, like you create new project, get a bootstrap theme, dump file x, y x in location d, and have all your controls look like that theme and eventually fine tune the controls with css .

That would help a lot to have an idea on how to use this and see if it can be used on some projects.


Have you seen this?

It is really as simple (and complicated) then drag & drop a new theme into the xojo editor. I’m afraid that fine-tuning of you desired look is very individual and no one can help you to make the necessary changes … is a good resource to play around a bit if you want to change only a few things.

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sorry, is there any news about customizing the controls?
e.g. the height of the lines in a list box, the height of the text field, the size of the characters, etc etc.
or should I go crazy with bootstrap themes, which are unknown to me?
I would like to use my time in another way.
The tremendous changes in web 2.0 are forcing me to enormous efforts if I don’t want to leave Xojo.
maybe someone is switching to web 2.0 without big problems.
I don’t.

All we know is that there are “plans” with no deadline. My suggestion: don’t try copying web 1 layout 1:1 to Web 2.0. I build a new project from scratch with Web 2.0 and didn’t too much customization yet and I’m more than happy. But I understand if others have different requirements. For me I will start with customization later only.

thanks Jeannot.

I’m working with a new project.

but with the default theme the size of each element is too big.
So, if I build now a page with the default theme, I risk having to review everything if and when I finally understand how to customize it.

Alternatively, I should now also deal with the themes, but there is a lot to understand with the hundreds of other things that have changed, with a still incomplete documentation (and it is already a progress, since until not long ago the documentation was absent).
All this, while I have to deal with projects 1.0
in short, it is almost impossible.

I would have to pay another programmer to PLAY with the 2020 releases. but even this is impossible.
I’m beginning to think that are right those who are furious per la rivoluzione 2.0.

the bitter choice:
to stay with web 1.0, hoping that something will not happen to prevent its use in the near future.
and still continue to manage products that tend to become obsolete.

this is not reasonable.

Yes, Bootstrap is “larger” and it will be a lot of work adapting everything …

It is what it is. Like ARM now on macOS, like Windows 10 (most Xojo Apps are looking outdated), like Retina back a few years … I feel (and share) your pain, but the world is changing, even at a higher pace every year.

Tipp: if you will make changes in a theme: check your changes in every browser … and you will probably not want to customize much. I prefer handling with the built-in one. On a side note: my customers prefer the fresher and newer look and that the controls are larger.

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Plus: if you want to become complete desperate: don’t forget that the user might use the Zoom In/Out functionality on their browsers … it’s already a lot of work with the standard theme to get all options tested on all browsers, it will never be perfect for all possible scenarios but same applies for almost any web dev tool.

I’m trying Simplex (from it is a bit smaller.
thank you


I might be able to write a tutorial. Give me a bit of time please. It is a complex topic, not sure yet how to explain it in the best possible way.

That would be great, thanks.


I’m on it. The hard part is that everyone will have a different level of knowledge and I need to research a bit as I want everyone to work with it not only macOS users.


Thank You!
Very kind of you :pray:

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I hope it will help as an entry point to get into the topic. There are MANY ways to do it, but it is important to understand a few principles and from some questions asked here I think we have mainly 2 group of people:

  1. Those knowing bootstrap and CSS from other work
  2. People who have never came in touch with the topic and are normally a bit lost. I hope the tutorial might help this group a bit.
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Thanks a lot Jeannot !

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Thank you very much for this Jeannot - great resource.

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You are welcome. It was a bit of work, so I’m happy if it really helps.

Added the Xojo Version 2020 Release 2 bootstrap.min.css to GitHub (for completeness, it doesn’t seem to have changed though).

thanks a lot for your important contribution.
I’m reading carefully and I’m learning a lot of things.


Thanks for that, I saw it the minute you put it and it’s a real help , so hopefully we will see more of those soon and maybe Web 2.0 will get a boost on the development. As you said in one of your posts, people start to forget native apps and want now modern and web apps as replacement, not to depend on dependencies and OS versions and so on as long as it works on a browser. It seems that this is the new trend now.

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At least it is in my world. Most customers are now asking for a web “solution”. SMBs as it is easy, corporate organisations as they don’t want to deal with software roll-outs. Might be different for citizen users, but even there, I’m not sure. The days are gone as well, when banks offered their own desktop apps, or where you needed a generic desktop app to access your data, and there are so many (even free) services on the net to achieve tons of tasks, where you’ve needed a standard app in the past.