Big Sur Safe yet?

Who is working Xojo on it successfully now, and who is having troubles?
What kind of gotchas are y’all finding?

Well, it works. It’s loud as heck, ugly as something, but it works. Got a couple of kernel panics, though, in the beginning.

If you are talking about the IDE itself, Apple changed some frameworks they use that the Xojo compiler may (always?) tries to link into your executable. But under Big Sur, that same framework does not exist.

Xojo released a patch for 2020R3 to fix this last July shortly after the BS betas were released.

So if you mean the IDE/compiler, versions prior to 2020R3.2 will very likely fail in the final link stage of the compilation. Though the IDE itself should run. And perhaps there are programs which do not need to reference that framework and will compile correctly.

But in general if you want to compile under BS, you should use 2020R3.2 or later.

Programs compiled in early Xojo releases should continue to run correctly under BS – including the IDE itself when older than 2020R3.2; the issue is in compiling programs under BS using a version prior to 2020R3.2

At least, as I understand it…

I like it, but it’s a bit Fisher Price/Kinder toy in looks. No crashes or kernel panics for me. Overall solid for me, but I am not finishing up an app for any stores yet. It runs all my Windows/Debian/HighSierra VMs for testing. BootCamp still works for Steam games every few weeks. I leave it on 24/7 without issue. Fan comes on more than I would have hoped, but only when I push it. I am very productive on it with about four work-jobs and three Xojo program jobs at a time. I do lots of video-sharing in Zoom and it handles that fine and fast.

For me it is ~8 out of 10.

BS on an ARM iMac Pro will be my next machine (hopefully) and I look forward to the extra speed and quiet, but I need to be patient.

You mean 2019r3.x, 2020r2.1 is the latest one.

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I’m trying to figure out if 2020r2.1 is going to work or give me lots of problems with Big Sur (I think it’s funny that it’s initials are BS…).

I am being prompted to update and I always want to be working off of the newest OS (for many reasons).
Things like comments about using 2020R3.2 don’t help because I know there is no 2020r3.2. :-/

What I’m reading above isn’t clear. Ugly or not, is it reasonably safe?

Yes, my bad. Xojo 2019R3.2 is the earliest to correctly support compiling under Big Sur.


Cool. I wasn’t sure if there was a beta that I wasn’t area of.

So… anyone have any critical reservations about upgrading?

If coming from pre-Catalina, you will lose the ability to run 32-bit apps. But that was a change in Catalina, not Bug Sir.

No need for 32 bit apps.
I stopped making them for my clients too.

I’ve been using it as my primary dev OS since I got my M1 Mac Mini a little over a week ago. I like it, honestly. I’ve never been a fan of things like sheet windows (so ugly…), so I suppose I’m more the exception than the rule. From a functionality point of view, I’ve not hit a single snag.

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I have been trying the various solutions for getting Windows applications to run on my M1 Mac Mini under Big Sur for quick testing.

  • QEMU Vanilla functions well (once you grab the network driver and get that put in), but 1024x768 max resolution
  • ACVM and UTM don’t seem to function as well, and appears to be max 800x600 resolution
  • Parallels Technology Preview will boot and work OK (at 800x600) until I install the Parallels drivers, then it just boot loops or the display doesn’t update unless I resize the window. EDIT: Fixed this by disabling Time Sync in Parallels.
  • CrossOver had issues with network connection

I believe you are talking here in the context of a M1 based mini, whereas I believe the OP is asking about upgrading an Intel mini to BS. So while the points are valid in reference to M1, I don’t think they apply to Intel based machines which (I think) can still do the same virtualization options as pre-Big Sur installations.

While that may be true, they did not specify that. Even if this information isn’t relevant to them, it may be for others participating here, or to them in the future, and is not off-topic in the currently defined context.

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He didn’t mention in the first message of the thread, but later clarified he was getting prompts to upgrade to BS. That to me implies he is on an Intel machine.

Your point is also taken; but I was trying to qualify by saying it applies to M1 machines in particular and not BS in the more general sense. Again, for the sake of other readers since it is not really relevant to the OP.

FWIW, Anthony’s research was a valuable contribution I liked to know.


BS is running fine on my MBP Pro 16", but I was lucky that I had a backup and some time ;-). Everything worked after the update from Catalina but I had a few issues. The fingerprint scan only worked for logins from time-to-time … unlocking with the Apple Watch didn’t work at all and the search didn’t work properly either (so T2 issues and search issues sounded to me like some en-/decryption issues, so something more severe than just not being able to use this more or less useless “features”).

I didn’t find anything related to it on the forums so when I finally had time, I made a clean re-install and migrated from my external Carbon-Copy-Clone. Since then everything is working properly. And since then the fans turn on less frequently then after the Catalina/BS upgrade. So if you can afford some time, I would suggest a clean install.

And! After upgrading your Xojo licenses will be gone, there a few threads on the forum about this :wink: . Not a big deal, but you should be aware of it.

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I ended up doing what I always do, and I jumped in.
Everything is working well with regard to my customer projects and Xojo itself.

AppWrapper is doing something odd but I can still wrap my apps so I’ll survive.


What is it doing?

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