Big Sur Safe yet?

Sadly, it’s awful for me.
I am experiencing frequent freezes on my Retina iMac. Sometimes out of the blue, often when changing between running apps. They can last between a few seconds and more than a minute, and a few times a day the system will not recover and restart or shut down.
Kernel panic reports mention different watchdog processes as the possible cause.

The usual cleanups did not help. Maybe a clean system install would, but currently I shy that solution as long as I don’t find confirmation on its success.

Is it still possible to do hardware checks? Yup, here it is: I’d recommend to do this first. If you have a hardware problem then the wonderful reinstalling won’t help.

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When I build and the script starts up AppWrapper, it launches my app (which is not normal) and then carries out its work.
It quickly reports that it failed “check the logs.:.”

But then I get an email from Apple that it’s successfully notarized.

It’s a bit anxiety inducing. But it works.

That is odd and I am sorry that App Wrapper is misbehaving for you. If I may, can we either take this to a separate thread on the forum or continue off forum to avoid filling up this thread.

The next time you wrap and it does this, please select “Help” on the menubar and then “Contact Ohanaware”. This will generate an e-mail to me and include the log, and in AW4 you can select other information to include also. Which I can then take a look at and see I can spot anything.

Sam, I’ll give it a try this am and keep you in the loop outside of this thread.

But for sake of the thread, I am not complaining about your product in any way. I use it every single day, and it saves me a ton of time. Even with this little glitch it’s still doing its job. I can’t say enough good things about AppWrapper.


Thanks Chris.
If I hear that App Wrapper is misbehaving, I want to investigate and see if I can figure out what’s going on. At the end of the day, I do make mistakes and I do get things wrong.

I am pleased to hear how much it has benefited you and I hope that some of the stuff I have in the works will also help you.

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Why don’t you make a new partition to your hard disk and try a clean install on it, just for trying?

I chose a different path.
After getting a pass from Hardware Check (thanks, @Beatrix_Willius!), I removed every suspicious and not really necessary startup component and rebuilt caches.
That did not change anything.
So I created a new Admin user and started from that account. which seemed to behave much better.
I gave mds worker time to update Spotlight and then rebooted from normal account, which went into slowdowns again.
In a last attempt I disabled Adobe Creative Cloud (I have to use that bloatware currently, but not right now) and Dropbox, and expect for less than a handful very short slowdowns the system is now running for over 9 hours which it could not do before.

I have received information elsewhere that macOS when updated with Migration Assistant can cause bad memory management behaviour, and I see that it starts to use the swap file when memory consumption is about 50% only. Thought it would do so only when memory is full.
So no full fix, but hopefully a somewhat workable state again.

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Adobe Creative Cloud is really a monster. When I noticed their still very poor transition to ARM on M1, I started to use again the Affinity products I bought years ago. it is sometimes a big „re-learn“ I have yet to find something I can’t achieve with Affinity products.

To increase the pressure on my I canceled my Adobe subscription by end of November and so far I’m not looking back.

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I did so too. Currently I have a design project that must be done in InDesign for the sake of compatibility.
Affinity still needs some features to be a full competitor, but everything it can do is so much more fun already.
And the worst PDF viewer of all? Acrobat. It’s a shame. Have the find window open and scroll the document …

(Off topic rant finished)


Understandable, I’m lucky that I don’t have to use InDesign too much. But that’s my biggest fear as well in regards to compatibility, but I’m committed to enter this fight ;-).