Beginner's Course

Can anyone suggest a good Xojo beginner’s course please?

I emailed BKeeney Software twice but got no reply. I have tried the VTC course but didn’t get on with this.

All input appreciated.

I’d personally visit these should see you from the basics to some complicated stuff, plenty of content there from mainly (all?) Paul who has a great demeanour. You’re more than welcome to ask here if you don’t understand something on there, just link a time code and url and we’ll try to elaborate.

If you prefer reading, try the links at the bottom of or the PDF/iBook in the middle if you prefer those formats.

Many thanks Julian, I appreciate that


Oh, silly question but, how do you centre (UK spelling) the title in a Xojo MainWindow please?

Thank you

Believe it or not, that’s a very advanced feature. Almost all windows titles are left aligned.

The pdf-book Introduction to programming with Xojo is for free and gives you an excellent start.

Hi Graham,
You emailed us once and I’m sorry that I didn’t have a chance to reply. Entire email:

[quote]I have just started using Xojo and am very interested in the course you market.

I am based in the UK so would be pleased if you could email me price and details please.[/quote]

The price and options are pretty clearly marked in the training area at Just choose Purchase in the top menu.

There are over 200 video’s which take about 65 hours to view. Most include a project file with source you can use in your own projects. This includes two start-to-finish desktop projects and one start-to-finish web application. The partial tag list is at

Bob has good training materials.

Also see here:

I checked the bkeeney website for video training but most (free) video trainings are more than 3 years old.

I do not know about the paid videos because I have no access to them. I searched Udemy which has a very hugh pallet of courses, but could not find any about Xojo.

However, I agree with Paul, they are very very good! Years ago I subscribed to those paid videos, they are very clear, well explained and very good value for money.

Together with Paul’s webinars, Bob their training videos are excellent.

Many thanks guys, very much appreciated.

I actually did email you twice Bob so not sure if one did not get through but, thanks for getting back here and I will definitely take another look on your site, many thanks.


I have a couple of corporate gmail accounts where I frequently find emails in my spam folder that are from legitimate distributors. The reality these days is that email is not guaranteed to arrive, and you shouldn’t assume so.

The language has changed very little since. There has been additions, but mainly for iOS.

I would love to see Paul or Norman, (Bob?) or someone at Xojo to a complete Xojo training course at - they have a lot of stuff for FileMaker and other development environments. I’ve been a Lynda subscriber for years…

hm…I can’t tell from the website what their compensation is. And, if it’s anything like a similar program I almost did a few years ago their employment/licensing agreement might say I can’t do my own videos any more.

I can tell you that doing video training is an intense process. Every minute on-screen is around 10 minutes off-screen either creating the content or doing post-production. I literally could make it my full-time job. But, like many things in Xojo it doesn’t pay enough of the bills - consulting is too lucrative (at this point) to do training full-time.

Im new to Xojo too from the filemaker world. Bob’s videos are excellent. helping me make sense of things.

@Bob Keeney : "The price and options are pretty clearly marked in the training area at "

Your Xojo site seems to be down and not responding.

It has been pulled and no longer available. With the advent of API 2.0 all of the videos are obsolete. I have no plans on creating new versions.

OK. That’s too bad, but thanks for the quick reply.

Another problem with Xojo is that its community is too small to generate enough revenue from an online course. Also adding to that, I find Xojo not stable enough anymore to invest any time creating an online course.

If I would create an online course in 2019, it should already be obsolete by now. Like Bob said, creating a good course takes a lot of time. Time spend on recording itself is nothing in comparison with the post-recording actions.

When Xojo inc release an update which breaks some functionality which is in the course, you have to find a workaround and then change the affected lecture. Then you have students who did not take the update. So can you see why for me Xojo is not stable enough to invest my time? It is simply too risky.

I think your best choice is Paul his webinars. They are excellent, very educational and show you exactly what you have to know.

I hope you will find what you are looking for.


Maybe some things would have changed, but it seems to me that much has remained the same. In most cases the same concepts should apply even if some of the syntax has changed.

Paul makes excellent webinars. Interestingly enough, almost all of them that I have watched so far (which are the ones suggested in the current Xojo Getting Started page) all have been well before 2020. Most of them are from 2015-2016. See Webinars — Xojo documentation

But I take your point – Xojo is still changing too fast to allow for a business of training videos.

Maybe something we as a community could do, for those willing that have the time, is to publish shorter demo videos (< 15 min) that show how to do something specific. Since it is not for sale, it need not be as polished and perfect. As soon as I learn enough about Xojo to share with other beginners, I’ll try to post a few videos.

Thanks. I’m looking for any help I can get to learn Xojo for Mac Desktop as quickly as possible.