Beginner's Course

Hi Jim,

Nice to see someone from The Woodlands here! :slight_smile: Have you seen our videos on YouTube?

We have put together playlists for many different things, including Getting Started, Intro to Xojo Course, Tutorials, OOP concepts, etc.

Also, we offer a free Intro to Programming textbook. Since you mentioned Xojo for Mac Desktop, here is a playlist that might be helpful.

Thanks, Dana. Do you live in the Woodlands, or in Austin?

Yes I have, and I am methodically working my way through them.

Since you asked, I do have a suggestion: It would be very helpful to have a list of videos, in the recommended order of viewing, along with the example files for that video. It seems like you used to have such a list, but is no longer available. At least I can’t find it if it still exists. Specifically, this page:!.html

There is a Video section there, but the links take you directly to YouTube, and then there is no link to the example file.
Also, you have a lot of great videos and playlists on YouTube. Here again, it would be great to have a curated list of these, in the order that a person new to Xojo should view them, and, very important, always provide a link to the example files.

Right now it’s a bit like being given a college catalog of all courses without a curriculum showing you the best order to take the courses in. I know you need to allow for different backgrounds of your new users, but maybe listing the optimum prerequisites would be helpful.

IAC, I am really liking what I am seeing, and I think learning Xojo will be faster than most other languages/IDEs. Hopefully, you’ll have a sale soon so I can get a discount on a new license.

I went to high school in The Woodlands and still have family there. Though I live in Austin, I am there (in Panther Creek) quite often! :wink:

Good feedback on the videos, will look into this more and see what we can do to make it clearer and easier for new users.