Begging for another Release System

I am begging for a new Release System. With the current Way xojo goes we have no chance for Updates of 2019R3.2 within releasing Xojo 2020R1 as Major Release.

I can understand why xojo is behavng in this wise but there are a few important Points to change to a Release and Beta-> Prerelease behavior.

First in the Situation now we have no Updating and no maintenance for our Xojo Projects. So we will loose the chance to get known errors out.
Second With the new Release 2.0 there are really many features missed. For example Mouse Events for Canvas.
Third we have a terrible Situation now. If, for example, Apple changes again their Operating System and Xojo is not running on the new plattform (happened with Xojo R2019R3.1) we will have a working 2020R1 but no 2019Rx. Makes working impossible!
Fourth there will not be a chance of programming within upcoming of Apples new ARM CPU. This brings out a big Problem. If you need stuffs witch are not realized now in Xojo 2020R1 or later R1.1 you may not be able to rewrite your entire code. In the following process you will loose your customers.
Fifth within bringing up a Release - Beta and Prerelease System the situation would be different. For xojo and for the developers. Why? Simple. Within this there would be all of the needed Updates and in the meantime we would have a xojo2020R1beta. This makes it possible to workout Web2.0 and all the other Stuffs for future and in thze same time it would be possible to have maintenance for 2019R3.x.

So, when release mode would be changed xojo customers would have a working Solution. Yes, the release Steps would be in the need of more time but also we would have a much more stable Releasing.

With the Status now developers - also me - are getting in panic and starting to rand. Cause of the Situation. Not because they are bad guys!

So please Xojo, switch the Release way so everybody has silence. We are not hobbyists we are professional Developers witch have to suffer from this policy.

Even if we would have a higher yearly fee it would be okay.


< good natured ribbing>
Didn’t you just loudly proclaim your departure?
</good natured ribbing>

Seriously though, I understand you’re frustrated. I would be too. This is a jarring change. I agree that it would be awesome if Xojo could work on big new features like this in parallel and separately from the main, stable release and give us a little more time to iron out the beta features while still getting hot bug fixes to standard stuff.

Have you reached out to any of the WebSDK gurus who might be able to craft you a solution? People have done some amazing stuff client-side. It might even give you a better user experience.

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Some very important events have been removed. No more clicking on labels (MouseDown) and no more short-cut keys (keyPressed). This is my first foray into the new system.

When do these come back? Do they ever?

Why are we dumbing everything down?


While we all may want to use this “WebSDK” it’s undocumented taking too much time to find how it works and use it the right way.


Yes I am depurterung but hope will never die


i saw a simular issue at link labels, there was only a option to goto a new page.
i saved some test projects and tried to make them work in the new ide.
the example used the action/pressed event before to close a session.

Docs are coming… I promise.


We know @Greg_O_Lone that would save the entire world.

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What about the way to a full fledged Web 2.0 with Mouse events and so on?

It’s possible in the WebSDK so perhaps that what you could use…?

but fully undocumented…

WebSDK will definitely give us all a good way to temporarily workaround a lot of issues :smiley:, glad it’s coming.

While I agree about all the frustrations caused by the 2020r1 release, you can open the latest IDE and build desktop ARM apps from there, while having the previous version of the IDE just for Xojo Web 1.0. I guess is not your problem anyway, as you’ve said you’re working from Ubuntu, and isn’t possible to build macOS apps from there :thinking:

MAC is changing to 64 Bit ARM CPU. This is not the same like our ARM for Pi. It is a bit more complex. That’s why it is important that xojo is reworking this stuffs otherwise there will not be a way to write MAC Apps. Like with 2019R3.1…

I’m pretty sure they’re already doing their homework about ARM releases on macOS, nothing to worry about that, at the moment.


Right now number 5 on the Roadmap

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Web 2.0 is not delivered. It is half baken.

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We will be adding more mouse events. They just didn’t make it for the first release. That said, we won’t be adding back everything (such as both MouseDown and MouseUp) because it’s not workable in a web app where there can be thousands of miles between the client and the server.


Will there be a way to not have them send back to the server? For example non implemented mouse event handers will not push data back from the client to the server if the client clicks or uses such (javascript) event?
While implemented events do get javascript responses to the server?

This will reduce traffic if not required.

Then it would make everyone happy…

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Assuming that EVERY web app is deployed on the internet and using that as a reason to justify not adding them is problematic
There are places where deploying a web app on an internal LAN will make latency issues etc a non-issue - yet there isnt even an option to use such events

I think thats the problem people are facing


I understand you are frustrated because it’s missing some functions that you need. It would be more accurate to simply state it that way. It’s not “half-baked”. Most Xojo web users can open their Web projects and in a short time have the project converted and running in 2020r1. That’s not everyone of course because a small group of users are relying upon some functionality that isn’t there yet.

As I have said, we have more functionality coming and if you rely on something that’s not there at this point, consider holding off until it is. You don’t need to convert your project immediately.