Begging for another Release System

That’s how it works today. If you don’t implement the Pressed event on a button for example, no event gets sent to the server.

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That’s perfect! :ok_hand:t3:

Oh maybe it would be good to explain how this works on a docs page for example, this way you could get less feature requests and/or bug reports if it’s clear to the users of xojo…

Most web apps are deployed on the Internet. We will adding Pressed events in some places but we will NOT be adding back MouseUp, MouseDown and MouseMove. Those caused a LOT of people to shoot themselves in the foot. Their expectation was that these would work like the desktop but they don’t nor can then. If you need that level of control, create your own custom control.


A solution could be inline javascript (in the code editor) some other tools have that. Perhaps it would make it easier to create such features?

For example:

Var some = "hello world";
 triggerServerEvent("helloEvent", some);

And if you dont implement mouse move etc then they send no data ?
Perfect !

At least the option to make it work in limited situations would exist


Use one powerful language to create your web app instead of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, or AJAX, saving you tons of development time.



Geoff Perlman from 68 Web Projects not even one is convertible. All of them not. Within all my developers we have 408 projects. mostly IOT medical projects. None is convertible. Mouse events are one of the most important parts. Cause there is no workaround we are stocked with the errors of 2019r32. That’s why we are upset and angry. Beside the IDE errors for example the not everytime working Inspector with Ubuntu Linux. Still the same in 2020. So. Not good at all for us. We are the customers witch have to pay cause we have tons of projects made with xojo.


Well yeah, but one can’t reach all features without human intervention right?

So making this easier for all is the best option. Eapecially with the websdk.

Wouldn’t it be even better if Xojo allowed a subset of the language to be converted to Javascript?
This would then allow certain methods to be executed on the client rather than the server. Its what at least one other IDE I know does and it would help to address some of the reasons why these events have been excluded.


Uhh don’t think so, javascript evolves 1000x faster than xojo…

This would mean being behind again and again…

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And with this sentence Mr. Perlman we have a big problem. None of all of the projects is delivered by the internet. For this most developers use other ways to deploy. But IOT is one of the strength of xojo. Ah. Sorry. Was. That’s because you can not see all the controllers witch are working with standalone Web in customers homes and offices. The few witch are delivered over the internet are not the interesting ones. Be sure.


It is not for getting mouse positions, It is not at all.

You can simply implement such features… subclassing controls and add features or websdk…

Now it’s kinda alot of copy pasting. Inline javascript would make development sooo mich faster…:wink:

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Sorry yes you are right and wrong. We where building with Xojo cause of the capabilities of xojo. Now it is oficial: end of the Line by Geoff Perlman. Okay. It is a statement.

And would cause out of sync automaticly-

There’s already a solution: create your own controls with these events. The problem with them existing in the built-in controls is that most people don’t realize that this will only be responsive in cases where the internet is not involved. Users see the events and assume they will work as they do on the desktop. When they don’t, they are let down because their expectations weren’t met even when they realize that they couldn’t be met.

The path to happiness is managing expectations. It’s better to not have these events at all since they more often than not don’t meet the user’s expectations.


As I have said, we are going to be adding mouse events to the Canvas. Please be patient and continue to use 2019r3 for now.

@Geoff_Perlman, is that real?

A MousePressed(x,y) event shouldn’t be hard and would help some people.
And by optimizing away those events if no event handler exists would reduce traffic.

And I mean for Label, Canvas, Container, etc.

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Correct and we will be adding a Pressed event in various places. It’s the Canvas that is the biggest problem for @Thorsten_Stueker and we do have plans to upgrade the WebCanvas so that we can have a Pressed event there as well.

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Unless you ofcourse could modify parts quickly. But i hear you get the mouseevents so you should be happy for this.