Battery usage

I’m trying to find ways to ensure my app is using a reasonable amount of battery.
I’m not sure the impact of opening a lot of DB records to instantiate objects that will stay in memory vs many calls to the database and kill off objects when they aren’t needed immediately.

I also know that background updates can add to battery usage.

What are best practices for an app to be a good iOS citizen.

I wouldn’t be too worried about battery usage, more about memory usage if you keep the records in memory with large amount of data.

To make the app faster, only open DB records once and keep them in memory.
But if your app receives a LowMemoryWarning make sure to kill these objects in the memory so that the system doesn’t kill your app.

There used to be a massive memory leak with iOSTable / iOSMobileTable (when using certain type of Custom cells), but it was fixed in 2021r2 <>

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