Memory Usage

Thanks for this, Jeremie.

What is the best way to determine where in the app the most memory is being consumed.
I’ve gone through similar with speed tests and when I analyzed timing found out that the things taking the most time were not the obvious ones. I’m assuming this could be true of memory usage too.

There are mostly two ways of checking memory consumption in an iOS app.

  1. Using MemoryReport analysis following an example from @Kem_Tekinay Finding memory leak - #4 by Kem_Tekinay
    You can find an example iOS project in this feedback: <>
    You will need to run the project in an iPad simulator to see the memory report in the Detail view of the Split layout.
    This is how I can track some memory leaks, but it isn’t very efficient.

  2. Use Xcode Instruments developer tool, using the Allocations profiling template. It is a bit complicated to understand when you first use it. I spent several hours profiling an iOS app to bring memory usage from 170MB down to 50-60MB.

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