Apple presentation

Just got to Moscone, where is everyone?


Feeling sorry for Bob who is doing today’s webinar …

At the Flint - In Cupertino
You have a long way to find them all but look for the big White boxes out front :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have watched the webinar - this stream is an embarrasement!

Makes me wonder how big a strain it is on the internet overall

Given Apple’s huge capacity I wondered if a DDOS attack has been going on .…

Twitter seems to be working fine.

Poor Steve. He must be rolling over where he is now …

Why would you say that ?
I think he’d be pleased with the announcements as they seem refined & well executed - something he always strove for.

[quote=128160:@Norman Palardy]Why would you say that ?
I think he’d be pleased with the announcements as they seem refined & well executed - something he always strove for.[/quote]

It was indeed quite an execution :stuck_out_tongue:

Xojo for iOS, Watch Edition :wink:

Can you explain why you feel that way?

And what did Steve think of Samsung’s large phones? Ah yes, I remember.

The difference is simply that a phone nowadays is no longer mainly a phone, but a communication and entertainment center with phone capability.

Would I use my iPad mini as a phone - not likely - might as well hold my rMBP to my head. It’s too big to be used as a conventional phone or at least in the way we use phones today where you still hold them to your ear.
Even the Galaxy Note is to darned big to be a “handheld phone” and used that way.

But if you look at what is selling is larger (i.e. taller) phones - not necessarily wider as they get unwieldy and don’t fit a lot of peoples hands. Your palm IS only so wide & we’re not evolving much to fit our phones:)

Still it doesn’t surprise me Apple has decided to do a larger phone all the while saying what Steve said.
After all this is/was Steve “sell what you’ve got” Jobs :slight_smile:

The webinar was rescheduled. It wasn’t on my calendar and I happen to be in the middle of campground with limited internet access.

I’m now on the the schedule for October 7.

So Samsung were ahead of the curve and Apple had failed to foresee how the market would unfold?

Samsung releases stuff as soon as humanly possible - not when they have "best of ".
They’re more like “Hey look it compiled. Ship It!” to Apples “Well it compiled now we have to make it work right” :stuck_out_tongue:

But still.
The phones are too big, and smartwatches are useless.

The iPhone 5 is a decent size as far as I’m concerned.
Not sure about the new ones until I feel them.
The larger ones just felt “odd” in my hand (too large) and when trying to talk on them it felt like holding a full size iPad to my head.
So I’d guess there’s a sweet spot for “big enough but not too big”

Because it was mediocre at best. Steve Jobs long shadow, I suppose.

The Chinese translator voice over would have infuriated him. How, with the millions of dollars staff Apple has got, could they have such a sloppy sound engineer ?

And, sorry, it is not question of money, but a question of talent. Steve Jobs believed in the product. Or so he made you believe in his enthusiasm. The people I saw briefly between break downs could have been selling mortgages with more shine.

I have known Apple since the early days, have seen the company go through motions and be revived again when Steve came back with brilliant ideas and love for products. A company is like a garden. Products are like flowers. Without love, they wither.

Yes, it was an execution. May not be guillotine like. More like a play that kills the theater…

I love Apple for many reasons, which include my old Hippie beliefs. And the love of sexy products. Unfortunately, the current people at the helm do not understand either. They have about as much charisma as plain doormat, and the intuition of a concrete block. And could make a pinup look like an old hag. It is so sad :frowning: