API1 > API2 differences list

Is there some list of Event, Properties and Methodes differences between API1 and API2

For example:
PopupMenu : DesktopPopupMenu
ListIndex : SelectedRowIndex
Text : SelectedRowValue

That would help immensely to convert code.


Xojo 2021r2.1:
Type something and Xojo’s Autocomplete will tell you what to change it to…

I think that was removed in 2022 (unsure, I can’t check right now).

The Xojo documentation has the info on what the new syntax for each command is, but Robert Livingston’s “Deprecated” app is terrific, it shows all of the changes in controls and syntaxes, showing which Xojo version made the change and whether it was deprecated or removed entirely. I can’t remember for sure where I downloaded it from, but I think it was available on this forum within the last few weeks.


Should be able to find the download link in this post:



There’s no official list, but there is general guidance at https://documentation.xojo.com/resources/api_2_guidelines.html

Honestly, it’s probably simplest to just let Analyze Project tell you what has changed. Open Project > Analysis Warnings and check the “Item1 is deprecated. You should use Item2 instead”, then analyze the project.