Api 2.0 Name changes vs performance changes?

Forgive me if this question has been answered elsewhere but I was unable to find it. I am interested in knowing which Api 2.0 changes are just for readability and which actually have revised code under the hood. This will help me decide which changes I wanna tackle now versus which I think I can hold off on. If anyone has any insight, please chime in! Thank you.

I can’t speak for performance differences, but where applicable, new or renamed API 2.0 methods, e.g., String.Middle, all use 0-based indexes. I guess that qualifies as an under the hood change, but maybe not much of one(?)

I hope that helps.

I would say that you can hold off anything except any new features introduced with and after 2.0, as API 1.0 bugs are tackled too, for a while, at least.

I’m not sure waiting for API 1.0 bugs to be sorted out is a reason for holding off using API 2.0.

I’m happily using 2019r2 and writing fully compliant API 2.0 code without concern. I know there is still some transition items that will be implemented in probably the next release, but I trust that that next release will manage what’s needed and keep me moving forward just fine.

Hold off on making any changes until R 2.1 is released. There are some bug fixes coming that you’ll mostly likely appreciate.

My boss disagreed. I have to continue my work :wink:

Bosses, eh? What do they know.

In this instance he may be letting you in for work you’ll have to undo.

You can do that in your leisure time, too :wink:

A quote from another Thread:

Or what else can we learn?
Don’t ever offer to do work in your leisure time?
Don’t ever try to be the first jumping on “new stuff” (first let it settle, watch and see)?

The positive stuff like the new DateTime Class and Exceptions instead of Error Codes (Norman i’ve heard your concerns regarding speed issues ;)) was reason enough for me to jump on the train. And why should i stop here? So i replaced thousands of events already too.
After many of us had said way before API2 was out in the wild, that we don’t like the Event Name changes but Xojo did not listen; i would never have expected another change…

Indeed, i will do it again in my leisure time. Because i like to write code the whole day. At my daily job for my Boss and on evenings, weekends and holidays for myself and my App Store Users. :smiley:

very few api changes have underlying code changes that will affect performance

folderitem changed on macOS to use newer apis
the two new JSON methods should be a lot faster

but API 2 moves a lot to using exceptions instead of checking for error codes and exceptions can be slower as I noted here

Yeah, Release 2.1 is going to be fun for you. Seriously, stop with API 2.0 until R2.1 is released. Or at least stop upgrading the events.

Since when do we discuss Pre-Release changes in a Non-Pre-Release Forum? (You know that i already have fun with it…) :wink:

It’s public knowledge via the Feedback report. And I’ve been trying to be subtle about it but you didn’t get the hint.

A language barrier i often hit… :frowning:

Why Xojo did not make a statement to its customers about that ? :frowning:
(I do not us 19r2).

a statement about what ?
that API 2 isnt about performance ?

Masochist. Dilbert would be proud of you.

I’ve read somewhere, the best way to get rich is hard work. :wink:

You should never work outside the office hours.

The Saxonary should be Saxony, by the way.

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