Any Way to Speed Up Xojo_Project Loading?

My project takes around 30 minutes to load. It’s saved as a Xojo_Project so that I can use version control with GitHub. The long load time is pretty annoying. Wondering if this is a problem just for me or is everyone experiencing this? Any tips on speeding it up? Thanks for any responses.

I believe this recent topic has some tips and information that you might find useful:

Is your project Web2 or Desktop?
Are you working on Mac or Windows? If Mac are you using M1 (or M2)?

This is exactly our issue. If you have to jump in and out of a lot of branches, you literally loose half of your day waiting for Xojo to load.

Not to throw rocks here Anthony, but I was the original poster of that thread. All I got out of it was “You are going to have to wait until r3” (December?) I’m not sure there are any tips or helpful information beyond that. Did I miss something?

I apologize. I guess I should have said “Here is a recent discussion on this same topic.” Though I thought I recalled mention of moving images out of the project and loading them at runtime. That doesn’t do much, in my experience, but others have said that it does a lot for them. Loading of projects as of the last few releases had become seriously painful, and I hope R3 corrects it.

My project is Web2. I am working on a Mac M1.

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For some reason Web2 on Mac M1 load slower than older macs with intel and older macOS.

Here in the office the Web2 project on a Mac M1 loads in around 17 min.
The same project using a Mac mini (2018), i5 and macOS Mojave loads in less than 7 min.

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