Load Times in the IDE

This bug is scheduled for r3. But as your project get larger it slows down even more (kind of like the mythical load stone. The faster you run the heaver it gets) Literarily a ten minute load time on a very new M1 mac.

Can we please get a point release?

Video below


i guess a twenty years old hd with scsi would load faster :slight_smile:
i think its more the file processing.
what project format do you use for saving?

Text format seems to load the slowest. Also windows and containers with lots of controls load really slowly. I now have over 650 project items and loading the project isn’t really bad in xml.

The screencast is too small to see anything.

There’s multiple guys working on this project so it has to go in to GIT: as a result we must use Xojo Project

Unfortunately we’re having to use text because we use it GIT.
The one thing I really noticed is that it loads the first third of the project in under 30 seconds the second third of the project takes three minutes and the last third of the project takes even longer. It seems to slow down as it loads more and mo

How many controls does your most complex window or container have?

Our biggest project contains 243 Windows, 250 Modules and 805 classes. The time to load this project in xojo text Format is about 50 seconds on a core i9 MacBook Pro. So we have nothing to complain. :sunglasses:

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Daniel would you mind duplicate or triplicating all of the windows and classes and then look at the load time for me?

We noticed thatch initial items load quite quickly, but it is a sort of growth in effort as the number increases.

That would tell us if it a local problem or a Xojo issue.

I think the problem is Xojo Web project and I guess your project is Desktop.

Yes, our project is a desktop project.

But I will duplicate and triplicate classes to check the loading time and post the results tomorrow… have a good night :crescent_moon:

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Crud, Thanks for the offer to help. But I don’t want you to waste your time.

I seem to recall that if you close Xojo with loads of tabs open, it opens them when you reload the project
That can be slow if they are screen designs

I suspect that if there was an ‘open project with no tabs’ option, things would be much better.
Try closing all tabs before you save?

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Thanks Jeff. I hadn’t thought about that one.

I tested it. No improvement. Still in excess of 10 minutes.

Both project types, Desktop and Web, will open much faster in 2022r3. It won’t be possible to ship this improvement earlier, as it needs to be tested thoroughly. The changes weren’t trivial.

Hopefully r3 betas will be available soon.


Do you embed images, icons inside the Xojo Project ?

If so, and you are using macOS, you have to know that one icns (or png) icon is heavy, insanely large (1024 x 1024)/

Also, loading / saving process image and this takes time.

Loading them dynamically resize down the project file and speed-up the open / save times.

Another slow down is the hard disk (even SSD) lack of free space. Under 50 GB of Free Space you must await a slow down.

Regular shut down and reboot also allows to speed things up (even if some people told you the reverse: let them do what they love and test by yourself).

BTW: you do not disclosed the used OS, nor the Xojo Project Size.

Drawing the TABs…

I had a slow SSD based Windows machine, long time ago, at at boot time, I was able to watch the tab drawing one after another… but the laptop was a slow one (and I do not cared because I Power On the laptop and do something else until the process was done !).

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@Jay_Menna Unfortunately, I have been struggling with it for more than a year so I understand your frustration. I had created a forum post on the test channel, a feedback case, mentioned the problem privately to greg complete with video, reported to Geoff privately along with a list of bugs but nothing. If you didn’t raise the case I don’t think it would have been fixed for 2022r3 either. So for me it is already a step forward! Thank you

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I haven‘t seen the video till the end, sorry. Does it affect the load time if you delete the project‘s ui_state file?

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Oh, this would practically the same what Jeff already had suggested.