Allow Drag setting in ListBox no longer available?

Says that it is available for all targets and all projects but I did not see this setting available in 2019r3.2 for a Web project.

I am trying to drag text between two listboxes.


Hi Amy!
That documentation is for the Desktop ListBox. The documentation page you’re looking for is here.

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Whoa… what happened to the CellPicture function?

Look in the Example Projects under Web > WebSDK > WebListBox Cell Renderers.

That’s… a lot. Totally different than

Me.CellPicture(0,0) = SamplePic

o.O …(I’ve wandered into the deep end of the pool, haven’t I?)


No, you have not.

API2 is easier (they said)… but what do I know abut it ?

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You have just become too advanced for your own good. API2 is aimed at beginners, so just think like one and you should be golden … :roll_eyes:

I do not understand… Are you talking about Web (WebListBox) or Desktop (ListBox) ?

WebListBox - there is a difference between 2020r1 and 2019r3.2 - the earlier version uses like two lines of code to create a row and insert a project picture into the row, whereas the other is a mystery for me rn.

LOL really they should have the functionality of both APIs - really API2 could have benefitted novice users more if it was an upgrade to 1, not a more complex rebuild.

I used to write technical documentation. The docs need a thorough sifting-through and an update.


Web 2.0 is an entirely new framework. This implementation gives you greater flexibility as you define the behavior. There are threads on the forums that already show how to implement this in Web 2.0’s WebListBox, like this one.


Not more simple than Web 1.0, much more code, a not strictly single type syntax. It is something to lern completely new.

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Thanks - now how would it work to drag and drop a pic between listboxes?

I am trying to develop a control where a user will drag pics from one list box to the second.

That functionality has not yet been implemented for Web 2.0 and would require creating a custom solution with JavaScript.

What would it be in 2019r3.2?

I do not believe this existed out of the box in Web 1.0, either. Barring creating a custom ListBox solution that allowed this sort of functionality, you could add buttons for transferring items from one to the other with captions such as “>>” and “<<“.

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The only reason I said “yet” is because I have a vague recollection of a thread where it was hinted this was something they wanted to add eventually.

A simple sentence to nform you that WEB1 (the one you use in Xojo 2019r3.2) is removed in 2020r1 (and following, of course).

So, you can either continue to use WEB1 (Xojo 2019r3.2) or WEB2 (Xojo 2020r1 and following). If you use the former, and if you - one day - upgrade to the later, you will have to rewrite your project.

Nota: this is only informative, I do not push you to do one or the other. This is up to you.

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Anthony, do you have any plans to add drag and drop events to your GraffitiWebGrid component in GraffitiSuite2 ? For data centric apps being able to re-order entries via drag 'n drop, or drag and drop rows or cells between GraffitiWebGrid components would be welcome.

I guess, for Amy the easiest fall back remains implementing her logic between two container controls (as discussed earlier post Drag and drop - pics within list boxes), or as you suggest placing buttons with ‘move’ actions between the source and destination WebListBox controls.

You can already drag reorder rows and columns in GraffitiGrid for Web2. I do want to enable drag between functionality for the Grid, but it won’t be until the Grid is running on the new WebSDK without my Web 1.0 shim. Right now I’m building some products directly on the new SDK to iron out my process, then I’ll be tackling that.

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