All Session Videos Now Live!

Reacting to feedback from the community we’ve released all of today’s videos at once. You can find them all here. Unfortunately, Dana Brown our Director of Marketing has been and is sick with COVID and isn’t here to manage this event to the level of excellence that you have become accustomed to during other Xojo Events. We did have additional content planned but a few of our presenters were also sick and had to drop out. We acknowledge the Keynote and that the event hasn’t been what you expected and can only say our team wasn’t operating at full capacity and for that we apologize. This is our first attempt at a virtual conference and we know we can do better! We have a second video from Geoff coming today to address some of the questions we received in response to his too-short Keynote.

That said, we have posted over 31 videos in 2022 and will continue to put out more new content and we’re open to suggestions from the community. Reach out to Alyssa at anytime.

We hope you enjoy the content we have released and will join us for Thursday’s live event and Hangout.