A few forum issues

Its a refreshing change, thanks Travis & Xojo.

I’ve noticed a couple of issues with the migration, they might already be on a todo list somewhere but here they are just in case they were missed:

  1. Historic solutions haven’t seem to have come across, I checked one of my posts I know I marked with a solution and it wasn’t selected. This will be bad for historic searches as it won’t be easy for someone to find the correct solution in larger threads.
  2. Personal bookmarks haven’t seem to have come across, I used them to keep track of important little bits of info. Is this due to come across or is there a way to access the old data (forums.realsoftware.com ?)
  3. Some code snippets are incorrectly formatted, the line breaks are missing (e.g. Should file error 101 in a Try - Catch Generate Catch)
  4. Draft posts seem to be missing, I know had one on 64Bit dll load issues that I was due to post after checking a few things over, but the info is gone now. Is this due to come across or is there a way to access the old data (forums.realsoftware.com ?)
  5. URL redirection so links to the old forums addresses are translated to this new url style.

…and the testers channel is gone?! At least I can’t seem to find it.

It’s here: https://forum.xojo.com/c/testers/

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Ah, thanks Sascha.

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@Travis_Hill: Do you know if the forum converter converts the old [code] blocks into code fences flanked by ``` or just indented by four spaces? If it’s the latter, that’s probably the issue.

One other problem I’ve noted is that images that were posted (as external links) no longer show up.

How do you post images now ?

You click the 7th icon along just above where you type a reply.

Of course, that is a place I do not looked at ! :frowning:

Thank you for the info.

Just to clarify, I was referring to the image links in posts that were made in the previous forum software. Many of them are now corrupted.

I reviewed some of my old posts and they still show the pictures. Can you post a message or two with corrupted images? Could those already be gone before changing to the new forum?

Some of my images are in this post, and do not appear:

They are hosted on my web server. Just to check that the problem wasn’t at my end, I tried posting them on another forum, and they worked fine. I can’t test them in a new post on this forum, because Discourse doesn’t have the option of posting a linked image.

“From the web” doesn’t work?

That’s strange. I didn’t see that option when I tried to add an image earlier. I must be blind.
Okay, let’s see if this works:

Image should appear above this line.

Works :grinning:

The weird thing is that when I first posted it, the image didn’t show up. It just showed a broken link icon, even after I reloaded the page several times. I have no idea why it took so long for it to work. However, that’s exactly the same image link that still doesn’t work on the post that I mentioned above.

The thread in question:

is probably an excellent example of things that migrated correctly, and things that didn’t. An image that was posted by Eugen Dakin appears correctly. The image that I posted doesn’t appear. Some code in the thread isn’t properly formatted, and some is.

Links imported from the older forum may just have been mangled in the transition (like codes).

Yes, but the question is, can it be fixed, or all these old posts going to remain corrupted?
These old posts can no longer be edited by the OP’s, so even if I had nothing better to do, I wouldn’t be able to go in and fix the links in mine.

I’m guessing an automated way from Xojo would perhaps make it. Take every post, check every malformed URL (and code) and repair it if it’s damaged.
This would require to know how they became wrong.

Friggin New Guy here. One thing that I like to do in a new neighborhood is, rather than lurk, dive in and meet the folk. So, here I am, mucking about in your nice forum. I just walked in the door and, of course, have not taken time to read all the posts, threads or FAQs. Like I said, FNG. :sunglasses:

BUT, I do have a quick observation/question: why do you have to scroll down to the bottom of all the comments before reaching a Reply button? A lot of threaders let you enter a Comment or Reply right below the original post. Do you do it this way to try and prevent FNGs from asking a question or adding a comment that has already been said 14 times in the thread? If so, I concur. If not, could you try the Reply button up top?

For some of us old farts, having to scroll that far may make the difference between Replying or not (gasp, gasp, gasp).


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