64bit Compile Error on New Windows 11 Install

64bit Windows fails to compile with this error:

Linking Executable llld: error: could not open C:\Users\dougb\AppData\Local\Temp\xojo scratch 25988\FT420 [EE8C8887]\Windows_x86_64\/App.o: no such file or directory llld: error: could not open C:\Users\dougb\AppData\Local\Temp\xojo scratch 25988\FT420 [EE8C8887]\Windows_x86_64\/FTmenu.o: no such file or directory llld: error: could not open C:\Users\dougb\AppData\Local\Temp\xojo scratch 25988\FT420 [EE8C8887]\Windows_x86_64\/FT_PopUp.o: no such file or directory

This log above is much larger, but all lines are similar.

“C:\Users*dougb*” is wrong. The user dougb was from my now retired Dell PC. The user name on the new Dell is my full name.

Where did that old username come from? Source is not binary, is managed with GitKraken.

Dell Precision 5820
Intel Core i9 Extreme
64gb ram
Windows 11 Pro

Hmmm. Saving as xml, and I found the dougb references.

<ImageRepresentation> <SaveInfo><Hex bytes="97">00F1D1730102010000000041433A5C55736572735C646F7567625C736F757263655C46545F4B72616B656E5C46542D49636F6E735C504E475F49636F6E735C6572726F722D736D58322E706E670300000000010004000000000100000000000000</Hex></SaveInfo> <FullPath>C:\Users\dougb\source\FT_Kraken\FT-Icons\PNG_Icons\error-smX2.png</FullPath> <PartialPath>..\FT-Icons\PNG_Icons\error-smX2.png</PartialPath> <ImageSpecification>

Do I just have to re-link my image icons? They are still there in the IDE, and this doesn’t happen on 32 bit Windows builds.

Oh, this is Xojo 2023 Release 2

Yes, it looks like the images are stored with a full path. Does it not offer a way of finding the missing image when you open the project? If so you’ll have to drag them in again.

I’ve not had this happen on a project when the images are in the same folder as the project, is that the case here?

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As long as the Partial path is ok then there is no problem. For images.

It looks like the problem is the temp folder.

Try going to Preferences > Build Settings > Clear Caches and see if that helps the build process.

As an aside: Unless you performed an offline Windows 11 installation (not straightforward and you would be well aware you did this), your username folder is based on the first part of your Microsoft account email address. File Explorer does not show you the actual path when you are in your home folder. Visit C:\Users\ to see what your actual home path may be.

The images are not missing in the IDE. The application compiles in 32bit with no issue.

Does 32bit use the old compiler or LLVM?
I know x64 uses LLVM now so maybe that is the comparison issue you are seeing?

Tried clearing caches, that didn’t correct it. The Windows 10 install on the old PC would have been made before I had a Microsoft account, I think. That was a long time ago.

The full path should be this: “C:\Users\Doug Bober\source\FT_Kraken\FT-Icons\PNG_Icons\error-smX2.png”

“C:\Users\Doug Bober” is valid.

Make a copy and try changing it. If that doesn’t fix it, obviously something else is wrong.

So, I’m wrong about the path.

Resolves to this: C:\Users\dougb\AppData\Local\Temp

Re-linking the PNG files didn’t resolve this issue either.

Just tested Xojo 2022 Release 3.1, no issues with building 64 bit.

Also, this compiles as expected on the old Dell using Xojo 2023 Release 2.

What happens with a new empty project? ie. is it the project or Xojo alone?

If it’s Xojo then try a remove an re-install.

No issues with a new project. I have three other projects that I tested and no issues with those either.
I’m at a loss here…

So, it must be in the project files. One last thought are you using a plug-in in this application that could be “causing” the problem?

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5 plugins in use with this project:


The files that the Linker is looking for are really are missing from the temp folder.


Are not in this folder:
C:\Users\dougb\AppData\Local\Temp\xojo scratch 39712\FT420_TEST.xojo_binary_project [EE8C8887]\Windows_x86_64\

Pretty sure those files are object code, ie the output from the compiler. The linker joins them together to make the application. So, on that basis, I’m assuming all the obvious things have been tested. Restarting the computer etc.

Do you have any build tests or scripts?

Have restarted, there were several Build Steps. All have been deleted, no scripts.

Is it worth creating DougB folders?
Or a DougB user?

You would have to grant access from one account to the other, which is slightly challenging.