62344: Introduce canvas subclass that is capable of receiving text input events


Before I get hopes up, I spoke to Geoff about this yesterday. This request isn’t something they are currently interested in implementing. Regardless, I’m filing this so Xojo can gather interest. As I understand it, the issue isn’t that there’s no purpose, but it’s such a niche feature that it isn’t worth implementing. I don’t believe Xojo is wrong in this assessment.

We currently have the TextInputCanvas plugin that Xojo introduced 9 years ago, but does not get maintained anymore. There is still a niche need for somebody looking to develop their own text editor, like Xojo’s IDE does. Bob Keeney’s Formatted Text Control is another such implementation.

These text input events could be added to Canvas, but I think that would introduce far too much noise on the class for the average user. Instead, I’d like to see a subclass of Canvas that adds the required events. This subclass would be built into Xojo instead of requiring a plugin. Ideally, Xojo would migrate their own code editor to this subclass so they would be eating their own dog food, but that’s outside the scope of this case or what the public even needs to know.

Just reiterating, I’m not trying to pressure Xojo to implement this. I agree that this is currently too niche of a feature to implement. I’m hoping to discover that it isn’t as niche as I believe it to be and therefore would be more worth implementing. I have no intention of making a big deal out of this, it’s just here to gather potential interest. That’s it.


I still believe it would be nice for xojo to have a small text editor control item that can handle tables and pictures like textedit does on macos. pretty sure a lot of users would use it.


One of the things Geoff and I were discussing was opening reports for improvements to TextArea. A paint event would be logical, though it’s not guaranteed to be possible. We were speaking at a high level. While I don’t believe TextArea could be what I need it to be, if there is something you need, file a feature request.

I logged this case 2.5 years ago to make the TextInputCanvas a supported control.
[<https://xojo.com/issue/51115>](Make TextInputCanvas An Officially Supported Control)

I would use it if it were not just tables and pictures, but links too, and if one could extract the content as HTML.

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We would be highly interested in such a class.
Just added some points to the feedback case.

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