Make TextInputCanvas An Officially Supported Control

If you use the TextInputCanvas control in your projects could you please show your support for this case:

This is to make the TextInputCanvas an officially supported control rather than just a lump of code on github. There are several bugs in the current control which probably won’t get fixed otherwise.

Well, I got a few requests over time to fix things and rebuild a copy of a client.

Currently it’s more or less official as the IDE needs it itself and Xojo engineers maintain it.

I would have thought the same. Unfortunately, i’ve had two reports closed because it is provided as-is.

Well, let me know details and I can take a look?

To be honest, I have worked around most of the problems I have encountered that affect the current releases of Xojo. Its just frustrating that a potentially critical component doesn’t work properly and Xojo aren’t interested in addressing the issues.

Anyway, for reference here are the cases I have logged:
51114 (returning false in an event doesn’t propagate the event)
50824 (control has no border within the IDE)
50758 (affects future versions of Xojo)
50752 (key falls through event does nothing)

What TextInputCanvas needs is a proper documentation. I doubt extremely much Xojo engineers have any time for that, but it should be possible within a cooperative effort from those who have used it extensively in their projects.

Something like a wiki seems feasible, at first glance. I never went very far with it myself because of that lack of documentation.

Bought it, cant use it.

I think a few things you see are based on the fact it is a plugin control.
I think a few changes may be need for the plugin control interface, e.g. the event propagation or the non transparent drawing.

[quote=369331:@Jeff Tullin]+1
Bought it, cant use it.[/quote]
… bought it?

Formatted Text Control. Not the same thing?

No, they’re not the same thing. Formatted Text Control is a third party addon with a LOT of Xojo code that is almost basically Word that you can add to your project. TextInputCanvas is a plugin that extends text input beyond what a basic TextArea can do.

Formatted Text Control requires TextInputCanvas, but they are separate things.

FTC does come with a user guide, source code, and examples. Have you reached out to

FTC is based on TextInputCanvas, with a ton of bells and whistles around more of less well documented (often less), but Bob Keeney did his best from what must have been an extremely poorly documented original project.

The user guide will allow you to implement a minimal version.

I also doctored the demo for my own use, and have been happy with it within Check Writer as a reliable word processor feature.

Maybe I’ll get back to it one day.
Struggled with the demo for a while, then realised (this is how long ago it was) that it wouldn’t work in 64bit, so I gave up and ‘threw it away’
Kudos to Bob for taking it on, though.

I maybe wrong, but I think I saw a while ago that Bob had ported FTC to 64 bits…

Yes he has.