3rd party plugins don't load under Sierra

I’ve just noticed on a fresh Sierra build that my 3rd party plugins don’t load when the IDE is launched. MBS, Einhuger, and my own plugins are in the Plugins folder, but they are not loaded at launch.

If I reboot to my 10.11 SSD, all is normal.

Has anyone else seen this?

Gatekeeper protects you from Xojo loading libraries.

Remove the extended attributes from the app so gatekeeper does no longer relocate the app.

Thanks, Christian.

I’m growing very weary of the nanny-mode for OS X.

The funny thing is that if I manually start Xojo via a Terminal by /Applications/Xojo\ 2016\ Release\ 3/Xojo.app/Contents/MacOS/Xojo, it starts properly.

What’s worse than overly zealous security? Half-baked security that makes bypassing things so easy.

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And, now we can’t turn off the nag-nanny. I’m going back to 10.4.11 - anyone else want to join me? :S

I have not upgraded to 10.12 and I not sure if I ever want to.

Haven’t downloaded Sierra yet but I found this:

Thanks, Kuzey - unfortunately we can’t expect our customer to do that.

I agree, Scott, but our customers don’t seem to learn from past debacles…

For others and posterity - here’s the command to accomplish what Christian mentioned:

xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Xojo\\ 2016\\ Release\\ 3/Xojo.app

They’re “Upgrade first ask questions later” kind of folks ?

You wouldn’t know anything about that, now would you Norman :slight_smile:

The dumb state is that the Xojo app is properly signed, so why is it still being quarantined?

[quote=291790:@Tim Jones]You wouldn’t know anything about that, now would you Norman :slight_smile:

The dumb state is that the Xojo app is properly signed, so why is it still being quarantined?[/quote]
It’s being Translocated, a slightly different thing. Finder is supposed to clear Translocation flags after you move the app yourself.

not at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly dont know but that seems a question for Apple

This is the real question that should be asked and figured out.

@Tim Parnell - that’s the problem then. Since the Xojo package is a drag and drop, the parent folder is moved by the user, but the Xojo.app is not being moved relatively.

I have and Apple’s response is still “pending” after many months.

If we treated our users that way that Apple treats theirs in situations like this, I’d be flipping burgers now.

dons flameproof suit

I’m enjoying Sierra. I’ve had very little problems with Sierra. It’s a nice update, IMO.

deep breath

The only app I’m having this sort of trouble with is Xojo. Everything else, Pixelmator, Blocs, Xcode and a long list of other apps are behaving normally. So what’s up with that?

Hey, my suit is getting hot!

Assuming you are referring to plugins not loading as “trouble”, what’s up is that most of those apps don’t look for a folder next to the app to load things. They run okay even if they get translocated.

Yes, I understand. But we’re obviously not doing things properly in terms of Sierra, or this would work okay. Some of these other apps do look for template folders and the like, and they are fine.

Perhaps Xojo needs a plugin manager(*) so that the user selects the plugins to import and the app deals with them appropriately and moves them to Application Support? Likewise with the other folders such as Documentation, Example Projects etc, perhaps it’s time they should be placed somewhere else. A few years ago, I pointed out that Xojo was the only app I have installed that is inside a folder within Applications. Perhaps it’s time to fix that?

Suit starting to melt. (Joking…)

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Just anecdotally speaking but Adobe installs their apps in individual folders in the Applications directory.

Still?! That’s surprising but then, Adobe.

(I wasn’t saying that Xojo was the only one, I’m sure it’s not, but it’s the only one on my Mac.)