2022R3 slower IDE

I noticed that using 2022R3, the IDE drawing is much slower when a window has many (up to 100) controls.
With 2022R2 it is much much faster and snappier selecting controls and dragging them.

Anyone else noticing this?

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Yes, if I open my 12 projects together I have to wait a long time before the running ball stop and be able to edit my code.
Note : All my projects have an alias on the same Module which contains common Methods. But this module is not open in any of my project (the IDE was slower when I edited this common Module when many projects were open, it’s normal as it has to be modified in all other projects).

I’m under Mojave 10.14.6 with a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15 pouces, fin 2013).

That came up yesterday. Please sample the process when you see the pizza.

Excuse me Beatrix, I don’t understand what you mean “Please sample the process when you see the pizza.” ?

Select Xojo in the Activity Viewer and select “Sample Process” from the button with the dropdown menu. Wait a bit, copy the result into a text file. Upload the file to Dropbox or similar. Post a link.


Do you really need 12 projects open at a time?

Rarely, but I have an AppleScript which opens them all and it’s easy for me when I have to check a common things (for exemple when I change my website and I updated the Description in Shared Build Settings). And when I rebuild all my applications, I open all projects, build, close it, build the next and so on.

And IDE Communicator script could do everything at once.

I’ve made a mistake yesterday and all of a sudden, my m1 MacBook Pro became very, very slow…

I closed all open applications (takes time), shut down the laptop, drink something, come back (Powered it ON) and the same slowness.

It appeared that I opened many hundred folders in the Finder (all at once, by error, these folders were selected in a Search window).

So it tooks me a while until I closed all these folders.

Yes, when you try to open “too” many text files (or zip or…) from the Finder (not from the Search window), Monterey ask you if you really want to open items…

That was my error, but it was not trapped by the OS.

For next time:

How to close all Finder windows at once.
Open Finder.
Hold the Option key while clicking File from the top menu bar.
Click Close All.

I agree, the 2022r3 IDE is “pants” - gone back to 2022r1.1 - much better. And this is after a bug sweep? Really?



R3 is a vast improvement for me (M1 MBP).

Ditto, Faster for me (M1 Max MBP). I wonder what the difference is?

3 people reported slower IDE, I think ChristopheDV uses Intel (from previous posts, but not 100% sure), Thomas using MacBook 2013 (Intel), David I don’t know.

Loading much faster here with R3. Mojave on a 2018 Mini.

On loading is almost the same but working with the designer is also SLOWER on windows. Very noticeable when selecting a control, you have to wait before doing somenting.

Intel i9 here. Much slower.

It is not an improvement on both my MBP M1 Pro and Studio M1 Max. Selecting and moving controls is sluggish. It is no problem with simple projects. But a window with containers and lots of controls is much slower compared to 2022R2 (and I mean a lot slower).

No change for my MacBook Air M1. However, when running in Rosetta mode then I could see that selecting and moving controls is rather slow.

And you can also click on the close button of any window, while holding down the option key.