2018r4 - Darkmode

Anyone else seeing issues with the IDE if you switch from light to dark and back to light again?

For me the searchbar at the top of the controls pane stays black as do the icons in the “toolbox”
sometimes toggling a few more times makes some things go right, but not all

Yep, same here. Sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn’t. Also: my app shows the same: compiled w 2018R3 it works fine - compiled in 2018R4 … it works “sometimes”. At the moment a showstopper for me & R4.

File a Feedback report for each issue you find. Check to make sure it has not already been reported.

How is the IDE having a cosmetic issue when you switch between light and dark mode is a showstopper for you?

When in light mode. the text is black on a black background making it unusable

plus if it causes a problem or not… it is a bug in how Xojo handles the transition…

Well … you have to close the app, switch to dark (or non dark) mode and then re-start the app. Otherwise you will not be able to read anything correctly with then “tri-zillions” of listboxes I’m displaying. Works fine in R3 - not at all in R4. I’m still investigating though. But I will not roll out a “dark mode ready” app when it’s not. So I either swith off “dark mode ready” - or compile in R3.

Maybe “showstopper” is a bit harsh - but I will not be using R4 (yet).

So far I’m not having any problems with the Darkmode testing within my own app (updating Tadpole for darkmode). I did have to replace the bevelbuttons with custom controls. But the Xojo IDE is where the issue is. With the response of the IDE for normal editting being so slow… being required to restart Xojo to test dark/light transitions is a real productivity killer.

EDIT : it doesn’t happen 100% of the time… will try to narrow down the circumstance where it DOES happen… Of course the IDE being super slow doesn’t help

I think you could disable Dark Mode Support for the Xojo IDE via the Plist.

NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance key (with a value of true)

[quote=418741:@Sascha S]I think you could disable Dark Mode Support for the Xojo IDE via the Plist.

NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance key (with a value of true)

but thats not the issue :slight_smile:

The Bevel Buttons are a bit distracting in dark mode, yes. But I found a comment somewhere here (unfortunately forgot who it said) - doing a “trick”: you can replace the icon of the bevel-button with a picture you make up yourself and “move” the Caption of the button out of the way by placing it “right of icon”. I’m not really sure if that’s a safe way to go but at the moment it looks quite nice.

I need “normal” and “white” icons though - which is a bit of work. But the result looks nice. If you want, I could export that class and you might want to have a look?


I have created a custom “Icon Button” replacement for BevelButton that works well for DarkMode (it was created due to a need to update Tadpole for darkmode)


There’s also a “switch” under “Build Settings” → “Shared” → Supports Dark Mode (yes / no) - have not tried it but should do the job also?

That controls if YOUR app supports it or not… does not affect the IDE

oops - misread, you’re right :slight_smile:

FYI… after I get Tadpole working in Darkmode, I am thinking about revisting that Icon Button, and have it use “template icons” (which is what iOS uses in Tab/Toolbars) they would be “mono-color” but the color could be adjusted for light/dark/disable mode while only using one icon image instead of two

Hm. I have played around with that, too for a while - but the result was always a bit poor. The anti-aliased black icons always looked “broken” when inverted. Visible, yes, but frizzy (correct word? Not a native speaker :)) - and when you have colored icons - doesn’t work at all. So … I re-worked the icons. In case I do not provide a “dark-icon”, the normal one is inverted - but looks … funny.


A “template icon” is not simply inverted… it is a MASK only in grayscale, and the color is applied after the fact. You only need to draw ONE icon (or two if @1x and @2x) and it can then be any “color” you want

Well … no idea how to create a “template icon” - I’ll google for it. Tomorrow - it’s getting late here, I’ll call it a day soon. Thx :slight_smile:

look up my IconResizer project, its mentioned on here somewhere… if you can’t find it I’ll look later on.

But it takes a large image, and makes ALL the necessary sizes for iOS/Android/Xojo and it makes template icons as well, although the are currently optimized for iOS

Sounds nice. I’ll look for it. But now the dogs need feeding (and I need a beer).