2014 R4.x Unstable?

Normally working on a Mac, but today I’m working with the Windows version 4.1 today (at a client site naturally) and the IDE is crashing quite a bit. Anyone else seen this?

2015R4 was crashing on me constantly, but 4.1 seemed to fix it. I still have an occasional crash though.

I get it more while debugging.

I don’t see many crashes, but it feels incredibly sluggish compared to how it feels on an old Mac that’s got a fraction of the horsepower.

Once upon a time only the debugged app crashed when you looked at it sideways. In 2015r4 the crash takes Xojo with it. Every §$%& time.

Are people seeing this a lot with the newest version (on Windows), 2015 R4.1? I was going to switch to this for my next project, should I wait? 32-bit build, Windows 10, 8GB RAM here.

I work with the Windows IDE most of the time. Version 4.1 Windows IDE is not as stable as it used to be before version 2015R4, I sometimes face a crashe while debugging, and so far I could not clearly reproduce it.
It’s is so not funny: I am debugging because I am looking for problems in my own code, and get derived by a bug in the IDE.

No problems here on my Mac. I think you should go back to your Mac :wink:

Complete waste of bandwidth and our time since you added nothing constructive to the conversation.

My apologies. Or is reading this remark a complete waste of your time?

Even worse … you suggest that Windows is not a serious platform.

Nope. Just have less problems with apps running on a mac

@Edwin van den Akker — OK, now we’re talking. You’re right, but that said means that there is some work to do to get the platforms on the same level. The reason why this did hit me was because for long time I have the feeling that Windows is still treated as the second platform in the row. I love OSX too, but since my customers run Windows I have to go that way as well and chose Xojo to have them BOTH. Let’s go back to work Edwin, and live with the fact that nothing is perfect.

Are we talking about 2015 R4.1 or 2014 R4.1? title suggests 2014 R4.1. I havent had much problems with 2014 R4/4.* on WIndows but I have run very little of it. A lot on the Mac but little on Windows. I run 2015 R4 not R4.1 and have had very little problems with it. (Dont do ALOT in WIndows but have developed some in it).

Sorry I dont have a better answer for you.

Please file bug reports and attach the associated crash dumps which gets stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps.

submitted several from today and will continue to do so as I experience them.

@Joe: will do that when it happens again. I thought I had done a Feedback report but couldn’t find it yesterday.

In the case of 2015r4, after a recent crash, Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell mentioned that there were some memory leak issues with that release on Windows and advised me to update to 2015r4.1 <https://xojo.com/issue/42605>.

I’m using 2015R4.1 and haven’t had a problem with it yet. 4.0 was abysmal when dealing with listboxes. My utilization has been pretty lightweight lately though.

On Window7 64Bit Xojo 2014R4.1 crashes minimum one time per day with the system message “Xojo has stopped working”. With 2014R3.1 there is no problem.
Up to now on Mac OS X I had no problems with any release of Xojo.