Zooming Browser View Larger than Dialog Will Not Fit

I have an issue where I am using Sheet type Dialog Boxes to display something over a Webpage.

That all works fine but I have a user that was using the Web App and mirroring their screen on a projector. They wanted to make the image bigger (they were on a MacBook using Firefox) so they used Command + and Zoomed In. The Web Pages will begin to show scroll bars when necessary BUT the dialog boxes are fixed size and it “chops off” the bottom (and ultimately I assume it would chop off the sides if you made it large enough). Horizontal sizing is not really a problem but users that need larger screen text tend to do this browser Zoom.

I tried to capture the size of the Dialog in the Resized event but it always reports the original size when you Zoom the Webpage. I was hoping I could do a little resizing of a few controls and within some limits I could dynamically make the dialog box smaller when I detected the page was Zoomed.

There is a session.scalefactor property but that appears to just always be 1 when you resize or Zoom.

Is there a solution to Zooming a Dialog off of the screen?

If not I may just have to make smaller Dialogs and enable them to be resized and the user will just have to make it fit their screen and if they Zoom they will have to make it smaller BEFORE they Zoom.

If I understand correctly, the issue does is not specific to in-browser zooming but to dialogs that are/appear larger then the browser window in general. If the dialogs are modal, it’s not anymore possible to scroll the content of the browser and thus to access the buttons at the bottom of the dialog. An improvement of this is already requested as <https://xojo.com/issue/33261>

this property is not related to zooming but to HiDPI / Retina screens. I’m not aware of a way to detect in-browser zooming.