Zoom webcam

Buongiorno è possibile zoommare una web cam ??

se si come ??

Check DirectShowAMCameraControlMBS class, which has a zoom item.

thank Christian but better if you tel me where i must see in your Plugin

thank you

I have not tried this recently, but you should use AMCameraControl property on the device filter object to get the camera control.
Then use Get and GetRange methods with kPropertyZoom method.

Please Christian , find a example for to see how work it

thank you

I made this for you to try:

dim srcFilter as DirectShowBaseFilterMBS // your device
dim a as DirectShowAMCameraControlMBS = srcFilter.AMCameraControl

// query range for zoom
dim ZoomMin as integer
dim ZoomMax as integer
dim ZoomStep as integer
dim ZoomDefault as Integer
dim ZoomFlags as integer
a.GetRange(a.kPropertyZoom, ZoomMin, ZoomMax, ZoomStep, ZoomDefault, ZoomFlags)
dim ErrorCode as integer = a.Lasterror
dim ErrorText as string = a.LasterrorMessage

Break // check in debugger

// set a minimum value
a.Set(a.kPropertyZoom, (ZoomMax-ZoomMin)/2, 0)
ErrorCode = a.Lasterror
ErrorText = a.LasterrorMessage

Break // check in debugger