Zoom to fill screen

Is there a way to make my apps window zoom to fill the screen (like the MAC-Preferences-Accessibility-Zoom) setting?
Automatically enlarging all the contents of the window?
I’m finding that I use this quite a lot, especially my Bingo Machine - which has graphical elements and lots of small, medium and large numbers.
It would be a real pain to do it programatically and probably doesn’t justify the work.

In your Window.Open event you can call Window.Maximize

To get all of the contents to resize properly you can set locks that will allow some things to stretch and others stay in place.

Alternatively, if you just want to make everything big you can use a third party option like RubberViews which will proportionally scale everything on the window.

Lastly, Mac is not an acronym when you’re talking about the operating system :wink:

RubberViews ? OK Iv’e downloaded the demo