Didn’t there used to be a zLevel property for controls? I don’t see it now, and recall some changes in this area. I want to assure that a control is in front of others in an environment where I create objects in run time.

Am I just not looking in the right place, or is there a new way for dealing with this?

This can be accessed at design time using the controls at the top of the form design window:

If you are using overlapping controls or you have issues with controls popping to the front when they shouldn’t, have a read here first


and see the code on


Is there not a way to control this in runtime?

There is also View/Tab Order. The window is a modal one. So I open the window, adjust some controls. Close the window to check which control is which and open the window again. Very clunky but the brain just can’t remember which control is showing in which order on more complex window.

Not in a consistent x-platform way

One way is to have your drawing in an array and draw them from the back to the front. If you want to bring a drawing to the front, then delete it from the array and add it, which will move it to the bottom of the array and will be drawn last - which is the front of the screen.

I like this approach. Thanks.