ZirconSwitch: Destination width must be greater than source picture width

My applications works on Window7/8 and 10 without any problem, but when the user scales the resolution greater 100% in Window7 or activate HiDPI on Window 10, I got this error message:

An exception of class UnsupportedFormatException was not handled. The application must shut down
Exception Message: Destination width must be greater than source picture width

I found that my ZirconSwitch (release 2016) makes this error.

We had a black background too when using Xojo 2018r3

Was the black background issue on macOS?

@Tim Parnell : Yes, Mac OS 10.14.1
Don’t have test on 10.13

Hey guys, I do see the black background issue. I’m looking into it now. It seems to be caused by ClearRect, but I’m not sure why yet.

Ok, the black background is a framework issue. Reported as <https://xojo.com/issue/54046>. I’ll try to work around it. In the meantime, try going to ArtisanKit.Control.Paint and removing the ClearRect call.

@Horst Jehle The exception happens when one of the sprites tries to stretch smaller than itself. I’m guessing one of the graphics objects is reporting the wrong size, which got fixed in a future version? I’ll see what I can do, but I’m not sure I can fix it.