Zint dll declare

Hello everyone,

I have been playing around with a declare into the zint barcode library. So far my attempts have failed. Thought I would post what I’m doing to see if anyone may have interest in getting this working. I’m working in Xojo 2018R1.1on windows 10. I would appreciate any help mostly so I can learn more about declares, pointers, and memoryblocks.

The link is to a google drive file zint.xojo_binary_project and the zint.dll file that I’m trying to declare into, asa well as the zint.h header file. The notes in the zint module have an example of a declare using another language and links to the Zint API manual and to the zint sourceforge files in case you don’t trust downloading the dll that I have posted.

Google drive files


May I suggest to try our MBS Xojo Barcode Plugin?

Hi Christian,

Thanks for responding. I may purchase MBS plugins in the future. I purchased the last omega bundle offer so I have some of your plugins already. I’m actually well aware of you plugins as well as others. I first purchased xojo (real basic) in 2006. I’m just a

Weird. That posted before I was ready. Must have accidently hit reply. Anyway, I was just saying that I’m a lurker. I read a lot on the forum but almost never post.

BTW you can Edit a post you accidentally submit.

Let me know if you need help with BarcodeGeneratorMBS class.
Also DynaPDFMBS class got new InsertBarcode method to draw barcode as vector graphics to a PDF page recently.
Both use Zint internally and may be easier to use than coding it all yourself.