You must first sign the relevant contracts online.

[quote] NSLocalizedFailureReason
You must first sign the relevant contracts online. (1048)[/quote]

Heavy sigh.

Found them eventually.

Grin… had to do the contracts a couple of days ago, too. Is it so hard to make a link to them? It doesn’t matter anyways whats in the contracts.

I know. We have to agree to anything, or else.
But Apple knows our email addresses.
They could have sent an email to say ’ we are changing the terms yet again by Monday, please sign’ , instead of just turning off the power and hoping that people stumble across the contracts pages in the developer section.

It can be even more confusing: sometime ago not only the developer agreement was updated but also the terms for the apple IOS store. I had accepted the agreement for the developer agreement but completely forgotten about the IOS store as I never released any app - I had just looked at the process to understand what would be involved. I received the same “You must first sign the relevant contracts online” message when trying to Notarize my OS X application (custom database front end for a specific company), but then I go to the developer page and everything was signed. I was confused, delayed the release and contacted apple for support. Turns out there was the separate IOS app store portal with a new agreement for Paid Applications (the agreement for unpaid applications was still valid), and it needed an updated tax declaration. Did that and it worked again, but the whole process was confusing and made no sense at all.

A simple email listing the updated agreements which need to be accepted would be nice.

More about in the Xojo forum thread I started a while ago:
“You must first sign the relevant contracts online.”

Remembers me to check again, whether it is necessary again. And again. And again…

For anyone else, these are the locations that I’ve seen these appear in. It’s a game of guess which one they’ll show up in today.

If I find any more, I’ll update this list (providing I remember).

Another failure mode is after changing AppleID (as I have to every time I use it). Changing it causes all your app-specific passwords to become invalid, and so notarising will fail.

Thanks for the list, we must keep this to remember.

And “have to” guessing which one is effected currently, is true as well.