Yosemite Xojo-Carbon apps no longer show the cursor in text fields


Sorry if that problem has been already discussed but Yosemite Xojo-Carbon apps no longer show the cursor in text fields… I know there were problems in Carbon with cursors blinking the wrong way but now I don’t see any cursor at all :-/ Any idea?


I have 10 apps, some compiled with Real Studio 2012 Release 2.1 and others with Xojo 2014 Release 2.1. Not one is showing the blinking cursor. Now, if you make the app to display a window or a dialog then close it, the cursor starts to work properly for the whole application until you close it. Why this? Where can it come from?

There have been numerous reports on this Forum of Carbon apps showing inconsistencies under Yosemite. As you know, the Carbon framework is deprecated. It is time to make the move over to Cocoa.

We’ve seen something similar where after a while, typing stops working but you can still drag-drop and copy-paste:


Interesting that you can still type, even if there is no blinking cursor.

We hope that a move to Cocoa will save us from that issue, although that will open up another whole set of issues, probably…

Philippe, I suspect the move to Cocoa may be less problematic than you think.

Yes, I am moving to Cocoa but just I am late… and I just need to maintain some apps working. Everything is fine but the cursor.