Yet more Linux oddities

Having worked around an issue to do with HTMLViewers and whether they get keystrokes before or after any KeyDown event, today I had a couple more.

This time it’s to do with HTMLViewers and TabPanels. I had an HTMLViewer on a tab of a TabPanel, and the effect was that the tab in question didn’t work at all. Buttons wouldn’t click, popup menus wouldn’t operate at all, radio buttons noticed they’d been pressed but didn’t change.

In the end I took the HTMLViewer off the panel and put a TextField there instead - and all the issues above went away.

The other thing I found with the TabPanel under Linux is this. The user alters settings on each tab of my TabPanel, and should save them (or revert) before moving to another tab. If they don’t then I put a message on the tab and prevent them from leaving the current tab, which works fine on macOS and Windows, but under Linux even though I set the value of SelectedPanelIndex, it changes anyway - but on the new tab the user has selected, no controls are visible.


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