Y value differences with or withour ToolBar


two windows below:

one without a ToolBar,
one with a ToolBar.

Code elsewhere not changed and the windows were not moved befor the snapshots .

The code used to display (both) window is:

#If TargetCocoa Then wImg.Top = 44 #Else wImg.Top = 30 #EndIf
It works fine excepted if I add a ToolBar in my window.

Window without a ToolBar: displayed at the correct location.

Window WITH a ToolBar: displayed at the WRONG location.
Note that we only can read the name of the ToolButtons; it miss the icons and the window Title bad.

What can I do to get the window just below the MenuBar ?

Xojo 2013r4.1
OS X 10.8.5
Windows XP SP III