xsd:AnyType and SOAPMethod

I’m working on accessing a SOAP service using Xojo and the SOAPMethod class.

I have it working well, but I’ve hit a snag. One of the methods has a type “xsd:AnyType” that I need to pass.
I can’t seem to get this working, I’ve tried both an array and dictionary. Does anybody have any clue if
the SOAPMethod class supports this data type?

Still trying to get confirmation that this is either supported or not? I’m running out of time, if its not supported, I’ll need
to roll my own soap services…


I do a lot of SOAP work but never use the Xojo classes… they are too limited… Instead I construct an XML document that includes the SOAP request then post it using an HTTP socket… so something like:

myHTTPSocket.setPostContent(mySoapXMLRequest.toString(), “text/xml”)
soapResponse = myHTTPSocket.post(theSOAPServiceURL, aTimeOutInteger)


Right. I have a class that uses the XML posting method. The problem I have with that is that is that it becomes hard to simply maintain anything with that posting XML. I’d much rather use the internal classes and keep it cleaner.

I was hoping someone from Xojo would comment here about this – if there’s a method or way around this limitation of if they are working on resolving this with the native SOAP support.

To me the SOAP support is useless if you can’t utilize it the way its suppose to work.

The soap classes are VERY rudimentary. I roll my own.

such a pain the soap classes didnt evolve, at least to implement complex and sequence types
it seems the realbasic 2005 soap method are the same as today’s xojo method !

I use Christian Schmitz SOAP Kit for a long time and can tell you that work very well. I use it to work with UPS and Apple SOAP Server.

I saw this soap kit, but I can’t afford it - the software I’m making is priced at the price of the soap kit !
I accepted it seeing that there are soap methods in xojo but they are unusable today
as many (if not any) wdsl definitions today are with complex elements.

does anyone have a (free) working example of a soap connection using “hardware” way that is httpsocket ?
I can’t figure out what kind of data I have to put in the xmldocument to then send to the soap server

I have to use SOAP a lot… basically I do something like:

dim hsock as new HTTPSocket
hsock.setPostContent yourXMLRequestAsString, “text/xml”
soapResponseAsString = hsock.post(theServiceURL, 20)

but I cannot tell you exactly what yourXMLRequestAsString looks like… it depends almost entirely on the SOAP service you are calling. You can get that info from the service’s wsdl file… if you want to get a headache… or if you can use a tool like Oxygen (http://www.oxygenxml.com) which will read the wsdl file for you and display what the request should look like.

thanks… still $488 !

found a cheaper solution … $0
and seems easyer also.