XojoUnit 6.6

XojoUnit v.6.6 has been released.

XojoUnit is a unit testing package. This version has the following changes:

  • In Desktop, “N/A” tests will show as grey and any test with a message will be bolded.
  • Desktop will allow you to filter tests through the command line with either --includeunittests or --excludeunittests as the last item. Use patterns where “\*” is a wildcard and a dot separates group and test name. Multiple patterns can be separated by commas. Example, --includeunittests 'MyGroup.A\\*' will only include tests in group MyGroup that start with “A”. --excludeunittests '*.*Broker*' will exclude any tests in any groups that contain the word “Broker”. --includeunittests 'MyGroup.MyTest' and --includeunittests 'MyGroup.My' will both include only the test named “MyTest” (the “Test” suffix is optional).
  • A method that uses DoEvents (used behind the scenes by some Xojo functions) will no longer cause crashes.

The package is available through GitHub and contains built-in tests that serve as an example of how to use it. Download or fork it from here: