XojoScript math functions crash on Windows VM

We have an app that use XojoScript to evaluate passed code. The app works fine on many servers, but not in a new virtualized one of our customer.
Using XojoScript with “non-math function” everything works fine, but using math functions the app crash during XojoScript code evaluations.
To exclude any others system variables, we made a new clean VM with WinServer2008, than we made a test using Xojo example project (?.. / Example Projects? / ?Advanced? / ?XojoScript? / ?Evaluator.xojo_binary_project).
Using as code: Mid(“abcde”,3) → result is cde
Using as code: Val(“123”) → the app crash

Asking help to Xojo team ((https://xojo.com/issue/56479)>]Feedback case 56479), it seems that XojoScript use SSE3 specific instructions, so we’ve checked if this particular VM supports them and the answer is yes.
For all specifics data as VMWare used version and other, take a look to the feedback case’s attachments.

Is there someone who has encountered the same issue?

Any contribution will be appreciated.

Make sure you include everything you can tell us about the VM, including what version of the VM engine is being used.

All infos are already included into the feedback case.

Waiting for an answer to the feedback case, I did a test a test using old Xojo versions.

Using Xojo2017r3 or earlier, Xojo script works fine.
From Xojo2018r11 onwards, Xojo script with math functions produce a crash.

After 2 months without any feedback, unfortunately I resigned myself to build with Xojo2017r3 instead Xojo2019r1 and now my software works fine also on this particular vm.
The issue still silent.
I hope someone in the future give me a support to solve the trouble.