XojoScript.Compile : can compiled code run on other PCs/Macs?

Can the data returned from XojoScript.Compile be saved to a file, and used as parameter for XojoScript.Run on a different PC or Mac?

I believe this was one of the designed purposes of the feature so yes, so long as the object exposed via Context doesn’t change then it should work between computers, when you change the Context design, you’ll need to re-compile.

A little birdie tells me that its compile and reload on the same machine only. I’ve yet to test all this tbh.

Well, as usual, it seems that you can create byte-code with “Compile”, but there is no indication about how to create a XojoScript from that byte-code in the documentation.

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Only the same machine with the same xojo build versions can run it, it may throw some exception otherwise

Thanks for the responses - that is useful information.