Xojos communication has improved the last weeks

In recent months, the communication between Xojo and its users has been increasingly criticized. Displeasure was expressed here in the forum, as well as in what I find to be quite clear, sometimes violent form, during the MBS Xojo conference in early September in Munich. Geoff and Paul were allowed to listen to a lot. Certainly the tone was partly inappropriate, but it also shows how much the users love the product and wish a further positive development of Xojo.
I’ve been following the channels (forum, blog, feedback app) over the last weeks and would like to thank the Xojo team today. I would like to thank the Xojo team for the fact that the communication between us users and the team has reached a very pleasant and productive level during the last 3 weeks. Please keep up the good work. Is it the same for others here in the forum?

Almost two months ago I praised Xojo’s commitment and open ears to its users. Today this, I think, huge step backwards to release an updated, limited Feedback app. It’s hard for me to understand, as much as I want to, because I don’t want to accuse anyone of evil. Especially since the developers (not all) also reply to e-mails, which I feel is a nice move. Please dear team, reconsider your current path.

A small observation on the side, perhaps you have noticed that there is now also a menu item “Copy HTTP Link”. So there might actually be a feedback web interface in the works. Let’s have a look.

It is just the frustration of the users.

Shure, it just looks like Xojo wants to HIDE how many new bug reports the comunity makes.

It just a redirection, maybe just to be more friendly with forums.

I’m frustrated but I love Xojo very much and want to use it more.

I bought my first REALBasic license April 22nd 2001 (had to look that up on the website!).

I have had a current license most of the time since then…

Right before REAL became Xojo I renewed for a lot of years… in fact my license does not run out until Feb 2020…

I did that, not just to save money, but because I liked and believed in the company and the potential of the product and how it was advancing…

In point of fact most of what i do could be run from the IDE for free since Xojo - i could train the people in my department to do that and for the apps I distribute widely throughout the company, I could have just got a build license about once every 4 years and used old versions in-between…

That would have made the most financial sense for me as I pay for it out of my own pocket… But as i said I liked REALSoftware and was excited about the product…

But since that time it seems to me Xojo inc has lost touch with their user base, or at least those users like me, and have headed off in directions that I did not like or were not relevant to my needs…

Also since then the seems company keeps exhibiting less and less of the characteristics that made me buy into the company and product so much in the first place.

The whole approach to design of the now old “new framework” is an example of some of the issues … the design of the new IDE and navigator was another…

And now the changes to feedback…it shows a continuing shift in the company’s culture that turns me off.

Come Feb 2020 I am not sure what I will do… I will need to think long and hard about it after all these years.

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That makes a link that you can share for the currently selected case. Nothing more.

That is really the only thing you want to comment on in this Thread? Just another “No, you are wrong with your assumption, we do not have plans.” ??? :confused:

For now, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt - trying not to see this as an intentionally aggressive move. I mean, we haven’t even heard from their customer relations experts.

We’d gotten that email from Geoff when we had the thread about the state of Xojo that got deleted back when, I kind of feel like there’s something they’re not telling us for some reason we can’t know.

I just hope we hear something soon, and that this isn’t a permanent change.

I agree @Tim Parnell
Yesterday i was more than just upset and could not hold my disappointment back.

I try to wait a day before doing any major posts on a topic like this. I was upset yesterday too. But then realized I’ve been friends with Xojo folks for nearing 20 years and had to put myself in their shoes. They rarely do anything ‘just because’.

Anyway, I wrote plenty in the other thread that folks can go look at.

I am a fan of Xojo for more than 14 years, and my greatest success I owe it to this great language, I see now that we are very delayed versus other web programming languages, at this moment I need to be more competitive in a market that every day I demand more, in my personal opinion I trust that we will soon take that big step, but time goes by and some despair, hopefully we will soon have web 2.0 and mature our developments to the current market

As a relatively new user, I don’t have any historical perspective for the negativity in this thread, but I do think the Feedback app is a great idea and very well done.

They do not complain because they think the feedback app is bad, but because they think the previous version was better.