XojoGUIFramework64 question

Hi. 99.9% sure I know the answer to this, but I have to ask anyway. I’ve been building tiny little linux apps to run simple shell commands (I’m lazy and hate typing them). The XojoGUIFramework64.so file is 32.4 mb. Is there any way I can reduce this file size?
I’m aware that I could just create a shell script, but I lack the experience (for now) to create ones that offer multiple selections.

Alas not, PM sent. EDIT. I believe old versions of RB could do this, having not used it I couldn’t say for sure but if you don’t have a licence from yesteryear then you’re out of luck.

@Bill Dawson — If you have several apps using the exact same XojoGUIFramework64.so file (each app having its own copy of the file), you can replace the copies by a hard link to the library using “ln” without the “-s” option. It requires the apps to be on the same disk, though.

Thanks, Stephane. That sounds like a viable option.