When I used Xojo 2015 r1, XojoGUIFramework32.dll was a little over 2M, but the file icudt53.dll was 21M.
Now with Xojo 2015 r2, XojoGUIFramework32.dll is a little over 23 M, and the file icudt52.dll is no longer there.

Did the ic* files just get folded into XojoGUIFramework32.dll?

Is there a future plan to use the .NET runtime for Xojo Windows solutions?


Yes, they’re all folded together in r2. Total installer/compressed size for a given app is also smaller.

ICU is a standard cross platform way of dealing with many locale/language/time/encoding/etc issues. We didn’t want Windows to be disadvantaged or somehow functionally different, so we include it there (as other apps like iTunes, Chrome, etc do). Other platforms like OS X/iOS/Linux provide it in some fashion at a system level.

It’s possible .NET could provide some things, sure- but I can’t comment on future plans.

The Overall DLL size is smaller and the .EXE size is WAY smaller (with r1 my ,EXE was 72.2 MB, with r2 my .EXE is 5.8 MB!). A shame I have to wait until the next patch (r2.1?) because of the MP3 not playing issue, ugh.