Xojoframework not 64 Bit


I tried to upload today a new version of xProLi to the AppStore. But while uploading the Application Loader told me that the Xojoframework is not 64 Bit. I compile the app as 64 Bit. Im a little be confused, because the Xojoframework ist to 64 Bit - not a plugin or something else.

Is this an error in 2028r2 or did I made a mistake.

You need to run lipo command tool on the framework if you like to remove the 32bit part.

Thanks for the quick answer. Do you have al little bit more information? Maybe an example.

open Terminal on MacOS.
type “man lipo” without quotes, press return and read the documentation.
It’s very easy with -extract or -thin commands…

Hello Christian,

thank you very much. This was the solution.

The complete command is

lipo -remove i386 AppName -o AppName

where Appname is the path to Xojoframework including the name of the library

Excellent. You made it.

and it was accepted by the application loader. Now it is in the review state.



thank you this information. Then lets hope it will be fixed in the next release. Meanwhile I add my addition code into the script for generation the App.

Isn’t this automatically done for you in App Wrapper? I’m pretty sure we submitted a 64-bit app made with 2018 R2 to the MAS in the past couple of weeks and we didn’t have any issues.

Yes, AppWrapper does this. Makes the .app smaller which is nice.

This may be possible. But I created my own script. This script does some additional work for my apps.

Stripping 32-Bit binaries is only 1 function out of the 100s that App Wrapper performs when it’s used to code sign applications. There’s a FREE trial available https://ohanaware.com