xojodoc - open source code doc generator

For my own internal use I create xojodoc. It will generated either AsciiDoc or Markdown files from your Xojo project documenting your methods, properties, constants, enums and general notes one may add. Notes can be added from the “description” field in the inspector, from general notes, method comments and notes entered on a property.

It will produce documentation for your constants, enums, event definitions, events, properties and methods, in modules and classes. It will also write out generate “Notes” from the “Notes” of a module or class.

I am looking for a few others who are interested in helping take the project to the next level. For example, it currently only works on .xojo_project and .xojo_code files, it does not process .xojo_xml_code.

If you are interested in helping w/xojodoc, trying it out and submitting bug reports, etc… please check it out at http://github.com/jcowgar/xojodoc.

I’m not looking for general users yet. Although I have been using it with my own code, the project is still in its infancy and the use will probably change dramatically, probably even the name, executable file, etc… Don’t let that stop you from giving it a try, but be warned. Things will change.

Just published an open source OptionParser for Xojo. It is documented via XojoDoc. So, you can take a peek at some of what it produces:


This is in conjunction with mkdocs. XojoDoc takes your source code/project and makes a single or multiple markdown files. mkdocs then took those markdown files making the presentation of the docs gathered directly from the source of the OptionParser classes.