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When the WebSDK first came out, I recall reserving a private root namespace for my (some day) custom web controls. Now that day has arrived, and my email archive went kablooie a couple of years ago. I’ve lost the name i reserved, and I can’t find a listing of Xojo reserved root namespaces. Does such a listing exist publicly?

From the docs: “…Developers may register a root namespace for use with all of their controls. Using the examples above, the registered namespace would be “Acme”. ”

It would be good to have a listing in the foums “private to everyone who has registerd”

Why make it private to registrants only ?
Curious why you want to do that

I have a pretty good idea what it was, …a shortened version of my company name. I’m guessing there’s little chance of duplication if I just started using something that follows the convention. …right?

Reminds me I should probably go register.

I’d make sure you submit a feature request for

  1. maybe a forum post / thread with these (not my personal favourite)
  2. a link in “My Account” that you can look at that shows you what names you’ve registered
  3. some other way to get them sent to you etc (email to the account they were registered by maybe?)

Tod - I have the name that you reserved. I will send it to you.

Got it! Thanks to all.

[quote=247635:@Norman Palardy]Why make it private to registrants only ?
Curious why you want to do that[/quote]

Public won’t be a problem to me. It’s just that i don’t see any need for that.

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