Xojo3D tutorials missing files

I’m following the archived tutorial collection at Xojo 3D. I’ve come to a stop with this tutorial because there is a missing file resource (X3Test.zip). I think it’s a model file that defines a set of helper methods.
Has anyone else here followed these tutorials and if so did you find a way of locating that file?

If I recall correctly that was @Alwyn_Bester’s project.

Thanks. I have sent him a message to see if he still has the file(s).

Hey @Ian_Piper ,

I apologize for only getting back to you now… we’ve been able to restore the Xojo3D.com website files from backup. You can access the site here…


All the .zip files should also be available on this site.


I’ve downloaded the tutorial files now and it’s going well. I thought I’d mention something that I’ve noticed and that others may find useful.
Running tutorial 8 I noticed something odd.

The cube displayed too small compared with Alwyn’s original. I assumed that I’d made a mistake in the code so checked everything, but it was all OK. I finally chased the issue down to a setting that is in newer Xojo projects (and missing in old projects for reasons that will become obvious). In the Build section, one of the Shared settings is “Supports Hi-DPI” which is something to do with Retina displays. If this setting is on, my cube is small. If I turn it off, then my cube looks exactly like the code in the tutorial example:

There is a page on Hi-DPI support on the Xojo documentation. Interestingly it talks about when you should turn Hi-DPI support on. I’m pretty sure it is on by default; I think maybe it should be off by default. But what do I know?

Anyway, in case anyone else is scratching their heads over similar symptoms, this may help.

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