Xojo2024R2: Strange and Annoying things

Release Notes:

Windows: Graphics.DrawText now properly renders colored emojis on Windows and Linux. This also affects the ListBox output as well. (63604)

Here is a ascreencapture on my PC:

The emoji is good in the IDE but not when running the application.

All my SegmentedButton were cut on their right side and the segmentedbutton of the IDE too as I explained in my update of this bug report:

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What type of control is that?

William said:

William Yu[@williamyu]

Unfortunately there are some things that we can support and then there’s our native Win32 TextArea that has no support for color emojis.

maybe that Win32 control can’t handle color emojis yet?

Anyway, as the Windows IDE shows the emoji in color Xojo should too and if Xojo can’t show it in color at runtime, then the IDE should not show it in color using Windows IDE.

The current WinUI controls handle it. Windows 8+ only.

No experience with Xojo XAML controls (I guess those are WinUI?) and William said that color emoji works on those:

Ivan posted a screenshot showing some emojis in blank and some in color for different controls:

Yes, XAML is a markup language those new controls use for their setup/definition.

At some point Xojo should drop the legacy ones (or maintain those in a legacy palette) and put those modern ones ready to be used in a drag and drop palette.

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I develop on an old Mac under Big Sur and the problem of the Emojis is under Windows 11, version 23H2. The control with the scissors is a simple DesktopButton.
I try with DesktopTextField, DesktopLabel, DesktopPopupMenu, DesktopCheckBox and DesktopRadioGroup and the scissors is black&white.
I put a scissors in a DesktopSegmentedButton and it is colored.

Is the DesktopButton disabled? Perhaps that leads to the loss of colour?

That’s not the problem, the problem is using the legacy controls that doesn’t support them. Maybe this is one of the ways MS will use to encourage people to upgrade their control sets.

Drawing using D2D renders in color.

I continue the discussion about Emojis on the thread Emoji are displayed as black and white only on DesktopRadioButton.Caption and DesktopSegmentedButton .

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