Xojo2024R2: problem setting WebButton.Indicator to Primary or Secondary

Using CSS. This code:

StatsButton.Indicator = WebUIControl.Indicators.Secondary  

seems to be broken now (it was just fine in Xojo2024R1).
The above is also true for Primary. However this code:

StatsButton.Indicator = WebUIControl.Indicators.Default

or this one

StatsButton.Indicator = WebUIControl.Indicators.Success  

still works.

The default option for the button can be set to Primary without problem, just changing it in runtime seems to be the issue. Could someone please confirm what appears to be broken now?

Like this?

Looks like Warning and Info doesn’t work either and once Link is assigned, nothing works anymore.

That is it. After assigning Success or Warning to Secondary I was no longer able to get the right color.

Created new issue:

#76882 - WebButton Indicator change by code broken in 2024r2

Edit: I hope @Ricardo_Cruz can fix this problem soon.


@AlbertoD - maybe add this issue to the Xojo Web Bug Bash thread?

@Anthony_Dellos I hope Ricardo can fix this for a .1 release as 2024r1.1 worked correctly.

I very much hope this will go into the upcoming 2024r2.1…
…it’s a regression likely affecting many existing web projects.

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Thanks for creating the issue, I have added my vote, we should have few more by tomorrow.

I’ve linked this to Web Bug Bash. Hopefully Ricardo can fix this very soon.

Thanks for posting this guys. I’ve seen this with an older project and was just about to start debugging.
I’ve added my vote for a quick fix;)

Already working on this one, thanks for reporting it.


Thank you for your quick response.

It says fixed now and 2024r2.1. That is great.

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I have just tested Xojo2024R2.1 release announced today, I can confirm the problem has been fixed - thank you.