Xojo2023r4: web app and code profiler

Is Code Profiler working with Web App? If so, how do I see the results.

I can see Profile Code menu and I can put the checkmark next to it.
I can run my web app.
However, what is the “normal” quitting of web app to have Profiler show in Navigator?

I have tried tried clickign on Stop button or simply closing web page and I don’t see Profiler in the Navigator.

I goggled around and found demo of Code Profiler on Youtube but that is only for the Xojo desktop app. Please can somebody enlighten me if Code Profiler is available for Web App as well. Thanks.

the web app must quit normaly to get the profile data.
so you must add a button on an existing web page, with “quit” as pressed event
if you quit your app using the button you will see the profile results.


Thank you. I wish the online help was a little more explicit about Code Profiler in context of Web App, specifically having “Quit” command executed to show the results of it.