Xojo2023r4: tabbing order and web button

I would like to set focus on selected entry field after user tabs out of selected button. Currently the focus stays on the button and does not move when hitting tab on the keyboard.

If you use Shift+TAB does it move?
Do you have a sample project that shows this?
Have you tried changing the Tab order?

I am using Safari on Mac OSX. I will answer your questions in reverse order.

  • I did change Tab order
  • I don’t have sample project, I can not share the one that I work on as it is used internally for real, this is the Xojo2018 → Xojo2023 converted web app
  • once the button gets the focus neither TAB nor Shift+TAB is changing it

The web page has 9 web containers with several controls, the problem is on one of the web containers. There are several entry fields, checkboxes, popup lists, web list box and 3 web buttons. The web button that gets the focus is disabled by default, this is where the focus stays.
I can do to a different web container and observe same problem except that this time the enabled web button gets the focus and the focus stays on it regardless of TAB or Shift+TAB.

It seems like a bug. You will need to create a sample project that shows the problema and open an Issue.

I think the issue has to do with hidden containers (Visible = False), the controls on hidden container/containers on the web page take focus thus the impression is that nothing is happening on the top page/container. In case of web page having 9 containers with several controls the tabbing seems not to be working at all as expected (since 8 of 9 containers are hidden).


Can you add a small sample project?
I bet they will ask for one.

I have attached to the issue


The sample is very helpful as easy to reproduce this problem.
Thank you.