Xojo2023r4: tabbing order and checkbox

I want to set focus on selected entry field on the web page when tabbing out of WebCheckBox.
Is this possible, how?

What is “selected entry field”? Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?

This is pretty typical and simple setup, there are few entry fields on the page starting from left top to left bottom, upon opening the tab the cursor should stay in the first entry field (this is the start focus).
User enters data while in Insert mode and tabs through entry fields.
There are some checkboxes for various options to select. User should tab through the checkboxes and change the state on/off or simply accept the default by tabbing.
There are some other controls on the page such as buttons or list.
However, when user is on the last checkbox and tabs out I want to set focus back onto the top entry field ignoring the rest since there is nothing there to change.

So the mockup of that is pretty easy, put 1 entry field, 1 checkbox and 1 button, open page and have focus set to entry field, start tabbing. You should get the tabbing going from entry field to checkbox and then to entry field and checkbox, and so on. The button should be ignored when tabbing.

You will need to create a Feature Request (or two) for that.
1.- could be a KeyDown event. This way you can add code to set the focus to your first entry field if TAB is pressed.
2.- could be a feature request to remove Tab focus for controls. This way if you remove the Tab option for the controls that you don’t need the focus will revert back to the first control.


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